• Published On: March 26, 2014Categories: News

    The winner of the IRF Find A Way Award will have demonstrated commitment to improve road safety through significant changes in government policy designed to reduce road fatalities and/or serious injuries on a country’s roads. These policies may be related any of the Five Pillars in the Decade of Action strategic plan. These pillars include motorist or pedestrian education, enforcement efforts, vehicle improvements, road improvements including use of best practices and state of the art technologies and/or emergency vehicle response methods.

  • Published On: March 25, 2014Categories: News, Press Releases

    The International Road Federation published today Volume 1 of the IRF Examiner, a freely available periodical journal featuring peer-reviewed technical papers by leading industry professionals. The Spring 2014 edition of the IRF Examiner addresses life-saving road safety applications ranging from school zone safety projects in Abu Dhabi to rumble strips on rural highways.

  • Published On: March 17, 2014Categories: News

    IRF Vice President for International Programs Magid Elabyad met with a high-ranking delegation of 20 road construction executives from 8 countries enrolled in the Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) program. Over the course of an hour-long overview of IRF programs, the delegates were introduced to industry developments and discussed ways IRF could assist them in establishing contacts for future projects and activities in the region.