The International Road Federation brings global transport sector experts together. Delegates attending the 1st IRF Asia Regional Congress & Exhibition will receive an extensive overview do's and don'ts across a wide array of user categories.

IRF: Many pavements still exhibit shortcomings in terms of durability, road-user qualities, strength and repair needs. What does your research on Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete mixtures tell us on this problem?
Dr. Kamil Kaloush: Our research on fiber reinforced asphalt concrete has shown that it is a cost-effective process and enhances the performance and durability of pavements. We have observed improvements...

Energy absorption technology built into vehicles is designed to protect the occupants of those vehicles. Unfortunately for pedestrians, there is often little protection from the impact of errant vehicles. Combined with the typically vast amounts of pedestrians in many Asian cities, there is a huge potential of vehicle-pedestrian collision.

IRF: What are the chief problems with developing safety countermeasures on roads with low traffic volumes?
Karla Lechtenberg: Guidance for low-volume roads found in the AASHTO Roadside Design Guide was extrapolated from high-speed and higher-volume design guidelines....

The International Road Federation formally concluded the 1st IRF Asia Regional Congress Exhibition today with a forward-looking roundtable discussion devoted to regional capacity-strengthening programs.

Congress delegates who enjoyed one of two highly popular visits of the Bali Mandara Tollway will undoubtedly have noticed the road’s conspicuous signage.
The company behind these signs is 3M, a global pioneer with 39 years of presence and 500 employees in Indonesia.

On day two of the IRF Asia Regional Congress, road safety agency heads and stakeholders from Asian nations joined in a high-level roundtable at the invitation of the International Road Federation.

IRF: How has the introduction of “ITS Spot Service” helped Japan’s traffic congestion problem?

Shoichi Suzuki: There are two aspects. Drivers who enjoy the ITS Spot Service can avoid traffic congestion with provided real time road traffic information via ITS Spot. It has confirmed by satisfaction surveys that the most of users highly evaluate mobility applications of ITS Spot Service as described in the paper...

On behalf of the International Road Federation, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Bali on the occasion of our inaugural Asia Regional Congress devoted to the continent’s transportation challenges and aspirations.

Understanding how to deploy an effective long term road maintenance strategy well can mean the difference between always struggling with “never enough funding” and happy motorists. For private concession owners, it can mean the difference between a losing investment and a winning one.

Gammerlite Sdn Bhd has this fully figured out...

More than 700 industry professionals representing 52 countries took part in today’s opening of the 1st International Road Federation Asia Regional Congress & Exhibition, a regional summit for road and transportation stakeholders held in Bali, Indonesia.

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