The IRF Examiner is a freely available periodical journal featuring peer-reviewed technical papers by leading industry professionals and which supports the IRF’s mission of creating a global marketplace of knowledge.

11 thought leaders combining extensive experience in economic analysis, diagnosis tools and countermeasures shared strategies and applied practices that can result in better dimensioned and targeted safety action plans.

The International Road Federation, in partnership with REAAA, successfully concluded its inaugural IRF Global Road Summit, held in conjunction with the 15th REAAA Conference and themed “Roads for Better Living”. This road and transport sector event attracted more than 1,000 participants including 20 government delegations.

Free-flow Electronic Toll Services have emerged as a reliable, safe and environmentally sustainable way of collecting road user charges, presenting key benefits over stop-and-go methods. ETS are now a mature market with key lessons learned from successfully addressing operational, technological, financial and regulatory principles.

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