This 5-day course is designed to provide delegates with an opportunity to learn contemporary theory and market practices in road construction supervision, increase their understanding of the strategic role construction plays in the project delivery lifecycle, explore practical examples and case studies, and learn a dependable project delivery methodology to use for their projects. The course will provide key methods, tools, and techniques used by best in class companies and practitioners in the construction supervision industry. The course is FIDIC focused and covers the roles and responsibilities of The Engineer, contract administration, and the dispute resolution process as prescribed by FIDIC.

This course is designed to meet the educational needs of senior government officials and private sector contractors in fast-growing economies who are involved in the design, development and operation of complex highway projects. Instructors are drawn from both the public and private sectors of countries well-recognized for superior highway project management. Topics include planning and needs assessment, business-government relations, management and construction under fixed and tight deadlines, contingency planning, financial considerations, and outsourcing.

This course is dedicated to preventing, detecting and addressing fraud & corruption on highway projects. Delegates will develop a comprehensive toolkit to apply financial integrity principles and detect issues of fraud throughout the lifecycle of highway construction projects and gain the knowledge to develop risk profiles for various types of transportation projects.

Many agencies have expressed the need for formalized and effective performance-based management in highway projects and public-private partnership contracts. This course presents a description of best practices and practical guidelines using detailed design-build-operate case studies with sophisticated performance management systems to determine how contractor performance is managed during operations.

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