This Course focuses on fundamental concepts and methods used in pavement management as well as the data collection systems required for managing pavement assets. The development of pavement performance models, treatment and budget needs, prioritization, life-cycle cost, maintenance and rehabilitation strategies, risk assessment, and impact analysis are covered in this course through case studies with hands-on applications for the implementation of pavement management systems.

This course presents best practices and state of the art methods for effective bridge maintenance, management and inspection. A major part of the course focuses on bridge repair and rehabilitation issues; bridge management systems, needs of highways agencies, and bridge related safety and risk issues. The other part addresses best practices for bridge inspections and how to utilize new technologies that can deliver accurate results in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Big Data in transportation has taken off in recent years, and become a topic of prime importance for transportation researchers, practitioners, and government officials. This course will discuss the underlying concepts behind big data and how to effectively capture and utilize enormous volumes of information of diverse structures that cannot be analyzed using conventional relational databases and data mining techniques.

Many agencies have expressed the need for formalized and effective performance-based management in highway projects and public-private partnership contracts. This course presents a description of best practices and practical guidelines using detailed design-build-operate case studies with sophisticated performance management systems to determine how contractor performance is managed during operations.

This course focuses on key issues such as contract oversight, evaluating asset condition and performance measures. Participants will engage in working groups with experts who are actively involved in maintenance contracting and asset management to discuss the application of best practices under different country conditions.

The main emphasis of this course is the successful implementation of Asset Management systems to ensure that all levels of an agency are making informed decisions, both short-term and long-term, that will address deteriorating infrastructure improve the overall operational efficiency of the organization.

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