Abu Dhabi DOT Hosts IRF Road Safety Executive Seminar

The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport demonstrated their commitment to road safety by hosting the IRF Safer Roads By Design™ Executive Seminar, October 2-3. The seminar focused on Roadside Safety and Work Zone Safety.

More than one hundred government officials, consultants, contractors, academics, law enforcement personnel and private industry personnel gathered to learn about best practices and state of the art technologies being used to make roads and work zones safer.

The DOT was proud to show the many safety features that were incorporated into the design of the Khalifa Port that included the use of proper terminals, breakaway devices and crashworthy terminals. They also showed recent cable barrier installations that were made to allow sand to move through the barrier to make the road safer for motorists during sandstorms.

The DOT has implemented the policy to “END Turned Down ENDs” in Abu Dhabi. The policy will be implemented on new installations and incorporated into major pavement maintenance projects in the future.

SBR Group, one of IRF’s members who was in attendance, has worked closely with the DOT to ensure that these state-of-the-art technologies are used to make the roads safer in Abu Dhabi. All attendees of the Safer Roads By Design Seminar agreed that the information presented by a multitude of speakers will help them reach their goal to meet their Decade of Action commitment to reduce fatalities by 50% by 2020.

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