IRF Committee on Asset Management

An effective road asset management system comprises the processes, tools, data and policies necessary for the management of all the physical assets for which public authorities have a responsibility with the objective of providing the required level of service in the most cost-effective manner. As a discipline aimed at facilitating decision-making, road asset management is a powerful tool for both national and local road agencies, providing a framework for managing their networks cost-effectively using a long-term life-cycle approach.

It is the mission of the Road Asset Management Committee to foster an international network of practitioners to share knowledge and contribute to the development of improved Road Asset Management Practices by:

  • Identifying worldwide road asset management best practices.
  • Learning from existing road asset management programs.
  • Supporting an international network of practitioners for sharing and eliciting knowledge on Road Asset Management.
  • Developing subcommittees to focus on specific asset groups and current challenges.


Chair: Carlos M. Chang, Florida International University, USA

Task Force “Asset Preservation and Risk”

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