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Government and Industry Leaders Set Regional Capacity Strengthening Agenda


November 19, 2014


BALI, Indonesia — The International Road Federation formally concluded the 1st IRF Asia Regional Congress Exhibition today with a forward-looking roundtable discussion devoted to regional capacity-strengthening programs.

Opening the roundtable, IRF President & CEO C. Patrick Sankey noted a shared vision needs to drive the industry’s policy and research agenda for the years to come. “One common thread to the region’s transportation challenges is capacity building: in other words, investing in people, institutions and practices that enable countries to achieve their road development objectives,” said Mr. Sankey.

These questions were at the heart of some of the Congress’ flagship sessions on upskilling the workforce and adopting accountable road agency structures as a means to roll out road programs more effectively,

“The IRF is committed to supporting this process through its knowledge resources and convening power to lead on these important challenges here in Asia,” Mr. Sankey concluded.

The 1st IRF Asia Regional Congress & Exhibition ended November 19 after three days of intensive policy and technical discussions spanning all major transportation disciplines and gathering more than 700 delegates from 52 countries.


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