IRF Committee on Road Safety

  • Co-Chairman: Chris Sanders (Lindsay Transportation Solutions)
  • Co-Chairman: Ron Faller (Midwest Roadside Safety Facility)

In order to combat the growing epidemic of road fatalities and injuries on roads around the world, IRF Members have organized as a Committee to address road safety needs around the world. More specifically, the volunteer-based IRF Committee on Road Safety was formed to conduct activities aiding in the reduction of road fatalities and serious injury accidents using various means, programs and policy statements.

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The goals of the Committee are to:

  • Garner road safety expertise, including best practices and newest technologies, through technology transfer from the international community, in order to prepare and support road safety programs, policy statements and positions;
  • Educate government agencies (i.e. transportation, health, etc.), road authorities, consulting organizations and other associations on the use of new design methods, proven technologies and cost-effective practices;
  • Influence key decision-makers to implement successful road safety strategies/programs, as well as support road safety research;
  • Identify focus areas where significant improvements in road safety and mobility can be achieved; and
  • Encourage a better understanding of the safe interaction between key elements of the road system: the driver, the vehicle and the road infrastructure

Members of the IRF Committee on Road Safety will be able to effect real change in the world. This is a great opportunity to have an attentive audience of key decision-makers who will hear the voice of the industry and listen to your counsel.

IRF Road Safety Subcommittees

Subcommittee on Roadside Safety Features

  • Chairman: Akram Abu-Odeh (Texas A&M Transportation Institute)

Subcommittee on Intersection/Roundabout

  • Chairman: Mr. Aiken Jiantong NI (AEIOsoft Mobility & Road Safety Laboratory)

Subcommittee on Enforcement

  • Co-Chairman: Mr. Philip Wijers (Sensys/Gatso)
  • Co-Chairman: Dr. Benjamin Colucci (University of Puerto Rico)

Subcommittee on Work Zones and Temporary Traffic Control Safety

  • Co-Chairman: Pete Johnson (3M)
  • Co-Chairman: Dr. Ahmed Aburahmah (The City of San Diego)

Subcommittee on Driver Behavior, Education and Training

  • Co-Chairman: Mr. Dino Kalivas (Emirates Driving Company)
  • Co-Chairman: Mr. David Wallace (Traffic Safety Guy)

Subcommittee on Motor-Vehicle Equipment

Subcommittee on Vulnerable Users

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