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New: 2nd IRF Africa Regional Congress - July 13-15 2015


Images from the 1st IRF Africa Regional Congress


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Tweets from the 1st IRF Africa Regional Congress


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1st IRF Africa Regional Congress


The International Road Federation is proud to announce the 1st IRF Africa Regional Congress. This landmark Congress, to be held in Abuja, Nigeria, June 4-6, 2014, is hosted by the Federal Ministry of Works, Nigeria.


This inaugural event will serve as a means to deliver world-class knowledge resources and practical guidance across shared transportation challenges, including road safety, infrastructure asset management, innovative financing and capacity building of African transport professionals. It will bring together regional and local industry stakeholders from government, academia, multilateral banks, civil society and the private sector to help find solutions to the region’s transportation challenges.


Why Participate?

  • Premier knowledge & technology transfer event: The Congress aims to engage delegates within the framework of knowledge sharing, capacity building and technology transfer. Questions will be the principal avenues by which delegates interact with each other, such as: What are the best practices in different countries? What are the state of the art products? How can we share this knowledge?
  • Four pivotal and regionally-relevant themes: Road safety, asset management, innovative financing and capacity building are some of the key pillars which support an efficient transportation system across the system. For example, the UN Decade of Action on road safety affords Africans the chance to assess how safe transportation across the continent is for all users. Asset management focuses on a culture of managing assets so they perform efficiently throughout their lifecycles. Innovative financing examines viable funding sources for the next generation of infrastructure within Africa and capacity building sheds light on the need for Africans to find solutions to transportation problems on the continent.
  • High-level interaction amongst transportation sector stakeholders: In attendance will be road industry leaders from around the world. The structure of the Congress will provide an enabling environment for delegates to interact with these leaders so as to trigger healthy discussions on various topics shared at the Congress.
  • Advanced, practical workshops for attendees: Two workshops will be organized on road safety and asset management, respectively. Thetrainingwill cover the principles,concepts, components and techniques involved in following best practices within these two subject areas. Theworkshop materials arebased on documented best practices and on the instructors’ experiences in providing expertise in their respective fields around the world.
  • Networking opportunities with key regional decision-makers: Opportunities will be provided for Congress delegates to network and engage with transportation stakeholders from different parts of Africa. This will afford unparalleled professional and business development opportunities for all participants.


Target Audience

  • Road Authorities
  • Road Design Consultants/ Contractors
  • Manufacturers/ Distributors
  • Concessionaires
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Law Enforcement
  • Academia



Africa’s quest towards development is hinged amongst other factors on a sound, resilient transportation system that supports safe and efficient transport of people, goods and services. The International Road Federation shares in this vision of a robust and sustainable transport system for Africa, and has a proven track record that promotes this vision globally. By hosting this 1st IRF Regional Congress in Abuja, the IRF hopes to actualize this vision for Africa by prompting the need for the discussion of safe and sound transport systems now. IRF believes in equipping Africa’s transportation stakeholders with the necessary tools and skills to meet today’s transportation demands on the continent. Better still we hope to generate interest in future transportation trends and provide the needed guidance to meet increased demand in the coming decades. The precursor to achieving all these lies in building a good relationship with transport professionals on the continent. A relationship between African transport experts and the IRF is one that beckons positives for all involved.


The regional Congress is the first bold step in building up this relationship. By reaching out to transport experts with her mission of encouraging and promoting development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable roads and road networks, the IRF will assist Africa reap the social and economic benefits that flow from well-planned and environmentally sound road transport networks. Please join us in Abuja![/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title="Program" tab_id="1391096219128-1-0"][vc_column_text]2014-Africa[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/1"][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_tab][vc_tab title="Sponsor" tab_id="1395692613237-2-0"][vc_column_text]

Sponsorship Opportunities


1st IRF Africa Regional Congress & ExhibitionDiamondGoldSilverBronze
MEMBER COST $20,000$15,000$7,500$5,000
NON-MEMBER COST$25,000$18,750$9,375$6,250
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Featured Speakers


Tawia Addo-AshongTawia Addo-Ashong
Program Coordinator
Global Road Safety Facility

Tawia Addo-Ashong is the program coordinator for the Global Road Safety Facility and was the first World Bank Road Safety Focal Point in the Africa region, where she helped establish a network of road safety practitioners and led the policy dialogue on road safety with many different countries.
Emeka Agbasi
Assistant Director

Dr. Agbasi is a civil engineer and holds MSc/DIC and PhD degrees from Imperial College, London and University of London respectively and a post graduate certificate in engineering management from University of Bath Management School, UK. He obtained his BEng and MEng degrees from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He has attended several courses including management courses at Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. Prior to joining the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA), he was a senior structures advisor and project sponsor at the Highways Agency UK. He has also worked for Kvaerner Technology (part of Kvaerner Construction Group, now Skanska Construction) as a development engineer, and WhitbyBird (now part of Ramboll Group). He has been engaged as a research associate at Imperial College, London and Loughborough University where he executed fixed term commercial research contracts. His early career was in Nigeria where he worked as a civil/structural engineer in a consulting engineering practice and a researcher/lecturer at the University of Nigeria. He has authored several technical reports/journal papers, and has presented papers at international conferences in Africa, Europe and America.
Kalina Aleksieva
Infrastructure Finance & Economics Expert
Roughton International Ltd.

Kalina Aleksieva has a strong academic record and has demonstrated brilliant research skills in the spheres of finance and economics. She holds a master’s degree in International Economics and Finance from the Otto von Guericke University in Germany, graduating with distinction. In 2012, she also completed an master’s of science in Accountancy & Finance at the UK’s Birmingham City University, again with distinction, followed by affiliation with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

In her role as infrastructure finance & economics expert at Roughton, Ms. Aleksieva’s work focuses on the support of public private partnership transactions in terms of both financial analysis and economic due diligence. Joining Roughton has allowed her to gain remarkable exposure to the structuring of transport infrastructure deals on the African continent in both the road and the railway sectors.
Anil Bhandari
AB International Enterprise, LLC

Dr. Anil Bhandari is President of AB International Enterprises, LLC and a Senior Transport Infrastructure Consultant, resident in Kenya. He worked for the World Bank (1989-2010) in various regions of the World Bank and was Senior Infrastructure Advisor for the Africa Region at the time of his retirement.

His former careers include Technical Adviser, Ghana Highway Authority (1987); Associate Dean of Engineering, University of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania (1973); and Executive Engineer, NAFCO (1971). Anil holds a doctorate in Transportation Engineering (Purdue University), a master degree in Industrial Engineering (Kranett School of Management), and an master of science in Civil Engineering (MIT).
Ibrahim Buga
Associate Consultant
TRL Limited UK

Ibrahim Buga is a registered civil engineer with more than 15 years professional experience in highway design, construction, maintenance and management. In 2011 he successfully lead a team of professionals on a World Bank financed Rural Access and Mobility Project Prioritisation Studies for the 5 northwestern states of Nigeria. Since 2012, he has been an active consultant to the DFID funded Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility. He holds a master of science in Road Management and Engineering from the University of Birmingham UK — obtained in 2008 — and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Science from the University of Abuja from 2006. In 1998, Mr. Buga earned a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria.

A former Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria Council member and a Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria registered engineer. Mr. Buga is also a member of various professional bodies such as the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, Institution of Highway and Transportation UK and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

He is currently an Associate Consultant to the TRL Limited UK and an active member of NIAF’s Road Sector team providing technical assistance in developing Road Asset Management System for Federal Ministry of Works and the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency in Nigeria.
Osita ChidokaOsita Chidoka
Corps Marshal & Chief Executive
Federal Road Safety Commission, Nigeria

Osita Chidoka oversees the FRSC, which is responsible for a myriad of activities, including making the highway safe for motorists and other road users, recommending works and devices designed to eliminate or minimize accidents on the highways and advising the Federal and State Governments including the Federal Capital Territory Administration and relevant governmental agencies on the localities where such works and devices are required, and, finally, educating motorists and members of the public on the importance of discipline on the highway.

Mr. Chidoka holds a master's degree in Transport Policy & Logistics from the School of Public Policy at George Masons University, USA. He also received a certificate in Global Strategy and Political Economy from Mansfield College at Oxford University in 2004.
Michael Dreznes
Executive Vice President
International Road Federation

Michael G. Dreznes assumed his current position of Executive Vice President of the International Road Federation in February of 2012.

Dreznes has spent the last 26 years working to make the roads safer around the world. He is recognized as one of the world's leading experts on roadside safety promoting the concept of "Forgiving Highways," and has conducted multiple road safety training seminars in more than 50 countries around the world.

Dreznes is the Co-Chairman of the Transportation Research Board AFB20 (2) Roadside Safety Sub-Committee on International Research Activities, a member of the PIARC Road Safety Technical Committee 3.2 Design and Operation of Safer Road Infrastructure, a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration, Co-Chairman of the IRF Road Safety Working Group, as well as former Chairman of the International Road Educational Foundation.
Babatunde Ekunsumi Civil Engineer
Federal Ministry of Works, Nigeria
Babatunde Ekunsumi, a civil engineer by profession, has provided 30 years of meritorious service in the highways department of the Federal Ministry of Works, Nigeria. Mr. Ekunsumi’s achievements in the Ministry can be ascribed to his training and his extensive experience on the job. He has emerged as a world-class thinker, implementer and communicator. Some of Engr. Ekunsumi’s career highlights include:

• Pioneering the establishment of the Federal Ministry of Works’ Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Department in fulfillment of the ICRC Act 2005, to trigger and facilitate the participation of the private sector in financing the roads and bridges development projects of the Federal Government of Nigeria, through concessions.

• Establishing the Ministry's Project Implementation Unit of the Petroleum Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) in 2012 for financing key infrastructure projects.

• Serving as the secretary of the Road Sector Reform Committee that drafted the pivotal Federal Road Authority and National Road Fund bills, which are expected to be enacted into legislation.

• Excellence in the successful delivery of many road rehabilitation and construction projects, with savings to government.

• Pioneering, as one of the leading engineers, the take-off of the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) in 2002.
Isa Usman Emoabino
Chairman, Ministerial Monitoring Team
Federal Ministry of Work

Engr. Isa Usman. Emoabino, studied Civil Engineering at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he obtained the Bachelor of Engineering Degree in 1979, and later obtained Masters Degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria in 1986.
He has served as the Chairman, Nigerian Society of Engineers Kaduna Branch and Chartered Engineer, registered with Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN); still serves as an Engineering Regulatoring Monitoring Inspector for COREN. He is also a registered Consultant with the Association of Consulting Engineers of Nigeria (ACEN), accredited Environmental Consultant with the Federal Ministry of Environment, & National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), Abuja, Nigeria. He is the Managing Director & Principal Partner Eco-Systems Consult Limited.

He has chaired and served in many committees of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, one of which is Chairman “Road Infrastructure Institutional Framework” of the Nigerian Society of Engineers
He has also served as a resource person to the NSE on many technical review programmes, such as the design review of the East – West Road by the Ministry for Niger Delta Affairs and the review of the BPP project audit report for 2010. He is Chairman, Ministerial Monitoring Team for all Federal Ministry of Works road projects in the South- South Zone, Nigeria.

He is the Foundation Chairman, Nigeria Institution of Highway Engineers, a Division of Nigerian Society of Engineers.

He has also served the Chairman, Road Infrastructure Institutional Framework Committee of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Nigeria, with the responsibility to address issues on the Nigeria Road Sector Reform.
Ette Ikpong Ikpong Etteh
Principal Partner
Etteh Aro & Partners, Ibadan

Rev. (Engr) Ette Ikpong Ikpong Etteh OFR, Principal Partner in the firm of Etteh Aro & Partners, Ibadan since 1970 till date. Born on 16th December 1935 at Akassa in Bayelsa State to the family of late High Chief Ikpong, Ikpong Etteh and Deaconess Nkaepe Ulaeto Ikpong Etteh, both of the royal families in Upenekang in the present day Ibeno LGA of Akwa Ibom State.

Education: BSc. London (Civil Engineering) 1964; MSc. (Highway) 1969; Msc. (Bridge Engineering) 1974; Dip. Theology 1997.

Professional: MIHE (1967); MICE, C.Eng (1969); FNSE (1981); and Foundation Fellow, the Nigeria Academy of Engineering (1995).
Andre Frieslaar
HHO Africa

Andre Frieslaar holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering and a master of science in transportation from Texas A&M University. He was awarded the IRF Road Scholar Fellowship in 1996 to attend Texas A&M. Mr. Frieslaar has been a director of HHO Africa since 2000. He initially worked on Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning projects, but has specialized in the field of Bus Rapid Transit infrastructure design and implementation. He is the project leader of the infrastructure team responsible for the Cape Town, South Africa MyCITI BRT system. He is currently the project executive for HHO team undertaking the detailed design and implementation of the BRT infrastructure for Durban. In 2012 and 2013, his projects received various national awards for technical excellence.

Mr. Frieslaar has been the Infrastructure review consultant to the South African National Department of Transport, responsible for the roll out of BRT in major South African cities. He and his HHO team have assisted the Institute of Transport and Development Policy’s update to the International BRT Guide.

He is a member of the Transportation Division of the South African Institute of Civil Engineers (and has recently completed a two-year term as chairman. He was named the SAICE “Engineer of the Year” in 2013.

Mr. Frieslaar is a champion for change and development in public transport. He has raised awareness of sustainable transport solutions through his papers and presentations made locally and abroad.
Alan Gilham
Institutional Advisor
NIAF Roads Program: Abjua, Nigeria

Alan Gilham’s career spans almost 40 years, commencing in mainstream construction engineering, progressing on to construction design and management posts with large construction firms in the UK, and changing track in 1993 to join the UK’s Building Research Establishment (BRE) to develop a program of activities promoting and improving the skills of construction professionals in energy and environmental management.

In 1996, he was a forming member of BRE’s world leading Centre for Sustainable Construction and went on to develop expertise in policy and institutional reform for sustainable development. In 1999, he became the first Director of Sustainability appointed to a UK plc.

Since 2002, after heading up a U.N.-accredited partnership representing construction stakeholders at the WSSD in Johannesburg, Mr. Gilham has worked on governance improvement, policy development, institutional reform, organizational development and capacity building projects for transport and construction sector organizations — mainly in sub-Saharan Africa.

He is currently institutional advisor to the NIAF Roads Program based in Abuja, Nigeria.
Valeska KleinekorteValeska Kleinekorte
Sales Manager, Netherlands
Safety Product

Valeska Kleinekorte is the Netherlands Sales Manager for the firm Safety-Product. Her expertise lies in the area of passive safety and is focused on “yielding construction” (breakaway products), which softens the impact and lowers passenger injury risk.
BatomBari Lezor
Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation
Rivers State Bureau on Public Procurement (RSBoPP), Nigeria

BatomBari Lezor is the manager of monitoring and evaluation at Rivers State Bureau on Public Procurement (RSBoPP), a statutory agency of the Government of Rivers State, Nigeria whose responsibilities include monitoring and evaluation of the execution of projects including the development, maintenance and management of public infrastructure assets including highways. This is to ensure that public infrastructure assets in the state are fit-for-purpose and value-for-money is achieved.

Mr. Lezor is a graduate of civil/structural engineering from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and a registered engineer by the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE), Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (MASCE) and Member, Institute of Asset Management (MIAM).

He has diverse work experience during his 15-year career, ranging from teaching in the university, engineering design of facilities and infrastructure in the oil and gas industry and the built-environment, engineering and project management and consulting. Prior to joining the RSBoPP in 2009, Mr. Lezor's engagement in the built environment covered the design and supervision of construction of crane gantries, bridges, highways, jetties, retaining walls, industrial and public/residential buildings. He has analyzed and designed offshore jackets and topsides/facilities, subsea manifolds, suction piles and equipment foundations for the oil and gas upstream sector.
Martial Missimikim
Executive President

Civil Engineer Martial Missimikim was involved for more than 10 years in the construction of roads and buildings at the Cameroon affiliate of TOTAL Exploration. In 2002, he became executive president of SECUROUTE, working in road safety. In 2009, he participated in advocacy for implementing the U.N. Decade of Action for Road Safety in Brussels, Darussalam and Moscow. The same year, he assumed the function of national coordinator for fundraising related to the publication of the global status report on road safety published by the World Health Organization. From 2011 to 2013, he was the regional coordinator of fundraising for road safety of the African region of WHO related to the global status report on road safety issued in 2013. Recently he’s been associated with the preparation of the future publication of the report on violence in the world as a focal point of the African bureau of WHO.
Byron Moorgas
Regional Manager, Sales
TomTom Africa

Byron Moorgas joined TomTom Africa in 2011 as regional manager of sales, helping the company to address various industry needs where there is growing demand for enriched geo-spatial mapping content.
Mr. Moorgas has more than 10 years of extensive experience in the web, mobile and business intelligence space — having worked for companies such as Media24 and Brabys. This experience has allowed him to travel to various countries around the world and more importantly across Africa to address the needs of both businesses and government. Mr. Moorgas plans to take TomTom into fields where they can use the unique strengths to educate organizations of how best to utilize location-based services as part of their business processes and strategies.
George Nwangwu
PPP Project Coordinator & Head of PPP Division
Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria

Dr. George Nwangwu has years of transactional experience spanning legal practice, financial services and the academia in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He advises on corporate finance, project finance, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), development finance and other transaction work in oil and gas, power and telecommunications, loan and equity offerings, and mergers and acquisition. Clients include international and local investors, international financial institutions, multilateral institutions, and bank and non-bank financial institutions

Dr. Nwangwu has been the managing partner of Ratio Legal Practitioners in Nigeria and a partner in Christ Church Solicitors UK and also managing partner for Ratio Consulting and Ratio Capital Limited. He has lectured in the University of Lagos Nigeria and the University of London (external program). As international consultant to multilateral institutions, Dr. Nwangwu has been involved with framework issues in the field of infrastructure/utilities regulation, infrastructure finance, energy asset acquisitions, project management and PPPs, providing full support to government agencies and mineral exploration and production companies. He participated in the drafting and implementation of a number of existing statutes and regulations at the federal level as well as for some of the states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Dr. Nwangwu was a DFID/World Bank funded consultant with the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) where he held the following posts: environmental legal adviser, infrastructure legal adviser, special assistant to the director general of the BPE and finally head of strategy and multilateral relations.

Dr. Nwangwu is respected internationally for his wide experience in company law and practice, project finance, infrastructure regulation/finance and PPPs. To date Mr. Nwangwu has participated in the consummation of more than 100 privatization/ PPP transactions worth in excess of US$4.5 billion either on the side of the public sector or private sector in Nigeria and clearly understands the challenges on both sides of the divide. He is currently PPP project coordinator and head of the PPP division, Federal Ministry of Finance. He is also a special adviser to the minister of finance on PPPs.
Frank Nyangaga
fmr. Chief Executive Officer
Kenya Roads Board

Dr. Frank Nyangaga has worked in the public sector for 33 years. His last appointment was the chief executive officer of Kenya Roads Board in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, between 2005 and 2014. He is a registered civil engineer and a registered consulting engineer with more than 30 years experience in a broad range of activities within the road sub-sector. He has practical experience in all aspects of road development appraisal, economic evaluation, design and documentation, construction, project preparations and management, rural transport, institutional reforms, highway sector management systems, highways investment modeling, and human resource development.

Dr. Nyangaga holds a bachelor of science in civil engineering (highways) from the University of Nairobi in 1980 and a master degree and doctorate from Texas A&M University, USA, in 1993 and 1996, respectively. He has been involved in the World Bank Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Program and in the roads sub-sector reforms in Kenya. In his working career, he has developed a strong network with road sub-sector development partners and other key stakeholders.
Seye Odukogbe
Director, Transcend STO Associates,
PTV Group

Seye is a chartered highways and transportation engineer, and certified project manager with expertise of the UK and African markets. He has been involved in a number of multi–disciplinary project teams across a variety of transport and city infrastructure projects for public and private sectors, both in Nigeria, and abroad. He has participated in a number of urban transit studies in Nigeria, including the detailed design of the ongoing extension of Lagos BRT to Ikorodu, where he utilised VISSIM traffic software to provide traffic-engineering support to assess the impact of the scheme, with the introduction of signalised junctions along the corridor.

Seye is an expert in data collection and management, and has delivered the largest travel demand surveys in Lagos, Kano and FCT Abuja. He also has experience in transport appraisal, social-economic impact evaluations, traffic management and road safety schemes.

Seye is a graduate of Queen Mary University of London where he holds a Masters degree in Engineering. He is a Director at Transcend STO Associates and has previously worked with Steer Davies Gleave and Transport for London.

Seye has also advised on DFID’s infrastructure programme in Nigeria, providing technical assistance on transport planning to Nigeria’s Ministry Departments, and Agencies. He continues to develop sustainable urban transportation solutions using evidence based planning tools to support the planning and design of new, or improved transport infrastructure with an increased focus on minimised subjectivity in planning, improved policies, and decision making.

Chris OkoyeChris Okoye
Principal Consultant/Chairman
Crown Crest Global Engineers Ltd.

Engr. Chris Okoye is an accomplished professional engineer with more than 35 years experience in consulting engineering and engineered construction. A registered civil engineer, an intellectual, a fellow and member of many professional bodies, a PUVBLIC policy and institutional entrepreneur, and a mentor to many professionals. Currently, principal consultant/chairman of Crown Crest Global Engineers Ltd: a consulting engineering and project management company.

He was awarded a bachelor of science honors degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1976 from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Engr. Chris Okoye proceeded immediately after his graduation to University of Houston, Central Campus, to do his Masters having been attracted by late Professor Mich O’Neil, one of the World’s greatest Researchers in the area of Geotechnical Engineering at the University, and was awarded an M.Sc in Civil Engineering, specializing in Geotechnical engineering at the University.

Engr. Okoye started his career as a Research/ Teaching assistant in University of Houston and has attended a number of special courses in various spheres of human endeavor ranging from a course in project planning, implementation and monitoring (UWM, 1975), a training course in Construction of Industrial Facilities, University of Houston, 1976, course in Production Management Programme by Texas Instruments, Dallas (March 1976), special course in Basic accounting / economics for Engineers as managers (University of Wisconsin, Madison 1977), special workshop in Review / appraisal of feasibility studies for Engineering / industrial facilities (University of Houston 1977), special course on Finance for non – Finance managers at Lagos, Aug. 1987 – Pricewater house Associates, Strategic planning workshop in London 1990 IOD, a course in safety in the construction industry (University of Houston 1998) and series of courses in ethics, leadership strategic planning, infrastructure management systems Development, ICT among many others at yearly conferences of American Society of Civil Engineers, Nigerian Society of Engineers and other professional bodies.
Magnus Quarshie
Ghana Institution of Engineers

Ing. Magnus Quarshie is a transportation expert with more than 20 years experience spanning across policy, modeling, design and road safety audits among others.

During the last 10 years he has advocated for efficient public transport system, cycling and improved conditions for pedestrians in Ghana.

Ing. Quarshie is the founder and chief executive officer of Delin Consult ltd, Accra Ghana and Centre for Cycling Expertise, a CSO promoting cycling across African cities.

He is the president of the Ghana Institution of Engineers.
D.J. Swan
Senior Pavement Management Engineer
Fugro Roadware

D.J. Swan is the Senior Pavement Management Engineer at Fugro Roadware. He is involved in the delivery of transportation asset management data, as well as the implementation of new technology on pavement survey vehicles. During his 12-year career, he has provided asset management solutions to road agencies around the globe.

Specifically, Mr. Swan has been active in the collection of transportation asset performance data with the delivery of hundreds of thousands of kilometers of data for clients in North America and around the globe. The data ranges from network level pavement and roadside asset information to structural and materials information for roads. He has implemented a range of asset management solutions to agencies of all size to ensure the limited funding is spent on the right road, with the right treatment, at the right time.
Sophia Tekie
Road Management System Manager
Roads Authority of Namibia

Sophia Tekie is the Road Management System Manager of the Roads Authority of Namibia, member of the executive committee of the RA and reports directly to the chief executive officer

She served on the Engineering Professions Association (EPA) Council of Namibia since 2000 to date. She is the President from from 2010 to date. She has been a member of the Engineering Council of Namibia since 2000 - being the only female full executive member to date. She was appointed as the Council's first female vice chairperson in 2013.

A graduate of Addis Ababa University in Civil Engineering honours level, Ms. Tekie has obtained various certificates and post graduate diplomas in project management, executive leadership, performance management, executive engineering courses, contract management, road asset management, core engineering subjects and others.
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Event Venue and Hotel


Nicon Luxury Hotel



The Congress will be held at the Nicon Luxury Hotel. We recommend delegates stay here to for security reasons and to promote networking. Hotel rate for a $145/night, breakfast inclusive.


Please make reservations at http://www.niconluxury.com/.


After reservation has been made, send an email to reservations@niconluxury.com or call 011(234) 9461 9000, 011 (234) 80 9555 6005, 011 (234) 8074127257, 011 (234) 7080008335.


Let reservation know you will be attending the IRF Africa Regional Congress.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][/vc_tabs][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/4"][vc_column_text]


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June 4, 2014
June 6, 2014
Nicon Luxury Hotel
Tafawa Balewa Way
Abuja, VA 900241 Nigeria

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+234 (9) 461 9000
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Les Mills
+1 703 535 1001

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