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April 21-26, 2013
Orlando, Florida

“The Most Comprehensive Road Safety Training Program Offered by IRF

This unique seminar will not be offered again until December 2014

The “Road Safety Across Six Continents Seminar” is one of the most comprehensive road safety training programs in the world. Experts from a variety of countries will present best practices and state of the art technologies in Roadside Safety, Work Zone Safety, Vulnerable User Safety, and Road Safety Audits over a Five day period. The purpose of this training program is to help road authorities understand what can be done to help them meet their Decade of Action commitment to reduce fatalities by fifty percent by 2020. The training program will focus on four main topics to include: Roadside Safety, Work Zone Safety, Vulnerable User Safety, and Road Safety Audits.

Roadside Safety

Attendees will be exposed to all aspects of Roadside Safety, including longitudinal barriers, crash cushions, terminals and transitions. They will be introduced to the existing products, and they will be taught the importance of site specific data to determine the most appropriate product for a particular application.
Upon completion of the Roadside Safety training, attendees will have a clear understanding of methods to identify dangerous roadside hazards and will understand how to choose the correct option to correct the situation. They will be aware of the best practices and state of the art technologies that could be used to make roadsides safer.

Work Zone Safety

Work Zone Safety will be discussed in detail. Attendees will learn how to design a safe work zone and they will learn about the newest technologies for work zone safety. How to use positive protection, truck mounted attenuators, dynamic, variable message signs and flagger training will be among the topics discussed. Upon completion of the Work Zone Safety training, attendees will be aware of MUTCD recommended procedures to design safe work zones. They will be exposed to different technologies and methodologies that could be used to make work zones safer.

Vulnerable User Safety

Vulnerable User Safety is a significant issue for many countries, especially developing countries. This seminar will discuss the reasons pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, public transportation vehicles and non-motorized vehicles are involved in impacts that result in fatalities and serious injuries. The corrective actions that can be taken to reduce these impacts will be discussed in detail.

Upon completion of the Vulnerable User Safety training, the attendees will understand the issues facing pedestrian, bicyclist, motorcyclist, public transport and non-motorized vehicle safety. Attendees will be presented different strategies that could be used to improve safety for all vulnerable users.

Road Safety Audits

Road Safety Audits are required in many countries and their use is becoming more popular every day. Attendees will be introduced to the concept of road safety audit and taught how to create a road safety audit team. Attendees will participate in an actual road safety audit as a part of the seminar. They will be taught how to prepare a road safety audit report and how to present it to the road authorities.

Upon completion of the Road Safety Audit training, attendees will understand what a road safety audit is, the different stages of road safety audits, how to create a road safety audit team and how to conduct a road safety audit. Attendees will comprehend the steps involved to organize and implement an effective road safety audit.

Why Attend:

  • The seminar will not be conducted again until December 2014
  • Attain the tools to help meet your country’s UN Decade of Action for Road Safety Goals
  • Learn about best practices and state of the art technologies
  • Meet and learn from some of the most renowned international road safety experts in the world
  • Network with your colleagues from around the world
  • Earn up to 72 IRF Continuing Education Units (CEU)

This Seminar is Ideal for:

  • Road Authorities
  • Concessionaires
  • Road Design Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Distributors
  • Representatives
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Law Enforcement
  • Academia

Seminar Fees include accommodation for (6 Nights Hotel) and Meals (5 Breakfasts & 5 lunches, and 1 dinner – Delegates who also pick the optional module receive an additional: 4 Nights Hotel, 4 Breakfasts & 4 Lunches)

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