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Building Climate Resilience into Roads & Transport Infrastructure

Nov 2, 2020 - Nov 12, 2020

| $3000 – $3700

Overview This on-line training course is designed to provide a methodical overview of climate change mitigation strategies and emergency response management. Participants will be guided through various processes aimed at conducting thorough risk preparedness assessments and the associated remedial measures. Throughout the course, the issue of successful engagement with impacted residents will be addressed. Rural roads, frequently a vulnerable link in the transport chain, will also be addressed through dedicated modules presenting design and maintenance features for weather-resilient low volume / rural roads. The lectures will be taught during a two-week period with live two hour on-line sessions held Monday thru Thursday of each week. Upon completion of the training program, the IRF will administer an on-line knowledge test. Participants with a score of 80% of the exam will be awarded with a certificate verifying their successful completion of the course.

Why Online?

  • Earn 16 Professional Development Hours
  • Expert training by professionals for Professionals: access IRF’s unique curriculum and lectures developed by world-class specialists
  • Accelerated learning processes: get up to speed and gain new insights in less time and with no travel constraints
  • Full access to learning materials and session recordings
  • Small classrooms & scheduled One-on-One sessions with instructors
  • Self-paced options available
  • Interactive group projects and case studies
  • Receive IRF Certification

Course Objectives

  • Understand the impact of Climate Change on Transportation
  • Learn methods to assess risks and set priorities for Infrastructure
  • Learn methods to communicate an effective message
  • Develop a plan to address Climate Change in your country
  • Understand how to plan, prepare and respond to Emergencies in your country
  • Learn Low Cost Solutions for Rural Roads and how to apply in your country

Target Audience

  • National Road & Transport Agency Executives
  • Highway Engineers and Managers
  • Private Consultants & Contractors
  • Project Implementation Units
  • Climate Resilience Specialists
  • Hazard Mitigation Planners
Monday – Thursday (10:00 AM– 12:00 PM US EDT/ 2:00 – 4:00 PM GMT) [sched sidebar="yes" url="//onlinetrainingbuildingclima.sched.com/"]View the Online-Training: Building Climate Resilience into Roads & Transport Infrastructu schedule & directory.[/sched] [push h=”20″]

Gordon Rex Keller, PE, GE

Recent professional experience has included conducting over 50 Low-Volume Roads Engineering Best Practices lectures and training courses (one to five days long) worldwide over the past 10 years. Training and project experiences have included storm damage repair work in Central America after Hurricane Mitch and in the Dominican Republic after Hurricane Georges. Roads Natural Hazard Vulnerability Reduction training has been conducted in most countries of Central America for OAS. Rural roads design and environmental analysis training courses have been presented throughout Central America, Mexico, South America, Haiti, Africa, Australia, China, India, and the Western Pacific, working for World Bank, IADB, International Road Federation, US Agency for International Development, Pan-American Highway Institute, Rainforest Alliance, TNC, Brazilian Forest Service, Mexican Transportation Institute, VicForests, India National Institute of Technology, Universities, and other groups or partners of the USDA, Forest Service Office of International Programs.

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Michael Avery

Michael Avery is recognized as an international expert in improving Transportation Organizations and Systems. He has first hand experiences from over 25 years of service in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. He has improved Transportation Organizations/Systems to focus on performance, results and service. Mr Avery has first hand experience with Emergencies and impacts of Climate Change caused by rising sea levels, Hurricanes, Earthquakes and devastating fires. Mr Avery served in senior positions in both private companies and government agencies. He currently works in the US Department of Transportation. He also serves as Vice-Chairman of the International “Committee of Ethical Practice” of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

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Ashok Kumar

Dr. Ashok Kumar is working as Senior Highway Engineer at the World Bank India. He has about 43 years of professional experience in highway engineering including low volume roads, asset management, climate resilience and green growth, and modernization of road agencies. As part of his Ph. D program, he has developed a computerized model to generate “optimized rural road network plans”. He has evolved a “whole-of-country approach to climate resilience” for the road sector covering strategic planning, climate resilient designs, asset management, policies, and institutions. He has also evolved a climate resilient rating system for the transport sector.

Computer Requirements

Operating System Windows 7 – Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), macOS Catalina (10.15), Linux, Google Chrome OS, Android OS 5 (Lollipop) – Android 9 (Pie), iOS 10 – iOS 12, Windows Phone 8+, Windows 8RT+ Web browser Google Chrome (most recent 2 versions) Mozilla Firefox (most recent 2 versions) Internet Explorer v11 (with Adobe Flash if running Windows 7) Apple Safari (most recent 2 versions) Microsoft Edge (most recent 2 versions) Internet connection 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended) Hardware 2GB of RAM (minimum), 4GB or more of RAM (recommended) Microphone and speakers (USB headset recommended) [divider type=”1″] [/divider] [contact_info name=”Magid Elabyad, Vice President International Programs & Member Services” color=”accent2″ phone=”1 703 535 1001″ cellphone=”” email=”melabyad@irf.global” address=”International Road Federation Madison Place 500 Montgomery Street Fifth Floor Alexandria, VA 22314 USA”] >