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Corridors for Shared Prosperity & Sustainable Mobility

South East Europe is at an important crossroads in the development of its road connectivity programs, securing a critical role as a gateway for international trade routes. Due to its privileged geographical position, Croatia has been at the forefront of this process, through regional highway cooperation initiatives.

At a time of growing motorization, the region’s network of roads and highways is currently its largest public asset. However, significant challenges remain to enhance the safety, efficiency, environmental sustainability and resilience of the road network, underscoring the value of enhanced regional cooperation.

Organized by key representative organizations of the roads & mobility sector, the European Road Conference "Corridors for Shared Prosperity & Sustainable Mobility" is an essential platform to deepen the understanding of regional mobility challenges, and achieve consensus on key policy, investment and planning measures.

We have designed this event with the idea of providing a setting for sharing proven and innovative solutions for the region’s mobility challenges. With this Conference, our goal is to help policy-makers, planners and infrastructure operators across Europe and neighboring countries translate these challenges into concrete policy and planning decisions.

Welcome to Dubrovnik for this landmark regional event.


Why Participate?

  • Stay abreast of best practices and new technologies in key mobility disciplines.
  • Join key stakeholders from the region as they present upcoming highway and transportation infrastructure programs.
  • Benefit from access to road agency heads and local government leaders responsible for significant infrastructure investment projects.
  • Enjoy the unique appeal of a historic city through a varied program of cultural and technical visits.

Who Will Attend?

  • Political Leaders with Transport Portfolios
  • Highway Agency Staff
  • Design Consultants & Engineers
  • Major Construction Contractors
  • Materials Laboratory Engineers
  • Road Safety Professionals
  • Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers & Distributors
  • Transport Research Institutes
  • University Researchers and Professors
  • Engineering Services Professionals
  • Traffic Technology and ITS Consultants,

Conference Themes

1.   Transport & Mobility

a.   Transport Corridors & their Socio-Economic Impacts

b.   Funding Transport Infrastructure

c.   Transport Asset Management & Investment Programs

2.   Road Engineering

a.   Advances in Pavements & Materials

b.   Sustainable & Resilient Road Infrastructure

c.    Innovations in Roads, Bridges & Tunnel Design

3.   Safe Mobility

a.   Safety Policies & Programs

b.   Road Injury Risk Diagnosis Tools

c.  Road Traffic Control, Signing & Markings

d.  Advances in Passive Safety

TRB Co-sponsors International Workshop at European Road Conference

The US-based Transportation Research Board (TRB) is co-sponsoring a one-day workshop titled “Traffic Signs & Pavement Markings: International State of the Art on Policies & Research” organized on the opening day of the European Road Conference, October 22-24 2018 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The workshop will bring together 3 TRB Standing Committees dealing with Visibility, Traffic Control Devices, Signing and Marking Materials, in an effort to foster international consensus on best practices in driver information systems and lay the scientific groundwork for future interactions with connected & autonomous vehicles. Topics addressed will include the role of markings & signs in a changing societal and technological environment, good maintenance practices and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

Carmine Dwyer, Chairperson for TRB’s Committee on Signing and Marking Materials noted “This special interest session will share the international state of the art on the design and maintenance of traffic signs and pavement markings through a cross-sector panel of road agencies, research institutions and industry stakeholders".

The workshop will form part of a large-scale European Road Conference “corridors for shared prosperity & sustainable mobility” co-organized by Croatia Roads, the Zagreb Faculty of Transport, the European Union Road Federation and the International Road Federation (IRF). More details on the conference may be found at https://www.irf.global/event/erc18-croatia

According to IRF Executive Vice President Michael G. Dreznes, “the TRB-sponsored workshop could not come at a better time. The downward trend in global traffic injuries has been on pause since 2013, and is particularly notable in developed economies which had enjoyed a steady decline over the previous decade. Without adequate horizontal and vertical signage, drivers are unable to make informed decisions and are particularly prone to run-off road accidents”.

A call for presentations is open through May 31.

Please submit an abstract of your proposed presentation here:

Download the preliminary agenda

Contact Ms. Carmine Dwyer (cdwyer@ara.com) with any questions.

Unique for its impressive medieval forts, churches, monuments and palaces, Dubrovnik is often called the pearl of the Adriatic. More than a thousand-year old history of Dubrovnik made it a cultural centre of Europe. Initially a small community, the city flourished in no time and became the seat of the independent Dubrovnik Republic. History is present in the entire city, which is both a museum and a picturesque stage where cultural heritage and contemporary life meet. All houses and monuments have a unique value. The Old City is encompassed by medieval walls, which have been preserved in their original form and opened for visitors as Dubrovnik’s major attraction. In 1979 the City was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Conference Venue

The Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik is located on the tranquil Babin Kuk peninsula, surrounded by pine tree forests and soothing white pebble beaches.

The hotel is just 17km from Dubrovnik Ćilipi (DBV) Airport

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Benefits of Exhibition & Sponsorship

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  • Your gateway to a fast-expanding market in South East Europe and the Balkans
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