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Geotechnical Engineering for Road & Civil Engineering Project Planning and Programming

Sep 21 - Sep 27

| $2500 – $3500


This course is meticulously designed to provide an in-depth understanding of Geotechnical Engineering as it specifically applies to road construction and civil engineering projects. Aimed at civil engineers, project managers, and construction professionals, it offers a comprehensive exploration of the geotechnical aspects that are critical to the successful planning, design, and execution of road and civil engineering projects. The program covers soil mechanics, foundation engineering, slope stability, and earthworks, with a focus on how these elements influence project planning and programming. Additionally, it integrates advanced project management techniques and programming tools, ensuring that participants are equipped to handle the complexities of modern civil engineering projects. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical case studies, and interactive workshops, participants will gain a robust understanding of both the geotechnical challenges and the project management strategies essential for successful civil engineering endeavors.

Course Outcomes

  • Advanced Understanding of Soil Mechanics: Gain a deep comprehension of soil properties, soil behavior under load, and the significance of soil mechanics in road construction and civil engineering projects.
  • Proficiency in Foundation Engineering: Learn about different types of foundations, foundation design principles, and techniques for ensuring structural integrity in various soil conditions.
  • Skills in Slope Stability and Earthwork Analysis: Acquire the ability to analyze and design for slope stability in road construction and understand the techniques for managing earthworks in civil engineering projects.
  • Integrated Project Planning and Programming Knowledge: Develop skills in applying advanced project planning and programming techniques, focusing on integrating geotechnical considerations into the overall project lifecycle.
  • Risk Management in Geotechnical Engineering: Understand the identification, assessment, and mitigation of geotechnical risks in civil engineering projects, ensuring safe and sustainable construction practices.
  • Application of Modern Tools and Technologies: Learn to utilize contemporary tools and technologies in geotechnical engineering and project management to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in civil engineering projects.

Target Audience

  • Civil Engineers specializing in road construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Project Managers and Planners in the civil engineering and construction sectors.
  • Geotechnical Engineers looking to deepen their expertise in road construction applications.
  • Construction Professionals and Technicians seeking to enhance their skills in geotechnical engineering and project planning.
  • Urban planners and government officials are involved in the planning and oversight of public infrastructure projects.



Dr. Amin K. Akhnoukh

Dr. Amin K. Akhnoukh is an Associate Professor in the Construction Management Department at East Carolina University (ECU). Prior to joining ECU in August 2017, Dr. Akhnoukh worked as an Assistant and Associate Professor at the Construction Management & Civil and Construction Engineering at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a Senior Design Engineer at Dar El-Handasa, and an Engineer at Orascom Engineering, Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Akhnoukh’s main research interests are in the fields of construction materials, with an emphasis on concrete and asphalt. Dr. Akhnoukh has an extensive teaching portfolio with more than 14 undergraduate and graduate level courses, including Structure Analysis, Mechanics of Materials, Soil Mechanics and Foundations, Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete, Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design, Sustainability in Construction, and Construction Quality. Dr. Akhnoukh is a registered Professional Engineer in the States of Arkansas and North Carolina and a registered Associate Constructor by the American Institute of Constructors, Virginia, USA. Dr. Akhnoukh has more than 75 refereed publications in prestigious journals and local and international conferences. Dr. Akhnoukh received research funding in excess of $3.0 million as PI and Co. PI. His research is funded by the Arkansas Department of Transportation, the Arkansas Science and Technology Association, the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the National Science Foundation, and NASA. Dr. Akhnoukh supervised and graduated more than 20 Doctorate and Master students. Dr. Akhnoukh is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Concrete Institute, and Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. Dr. Akhnoukh is a Fellow of the International Road Federation (IRF) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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