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IRF Global Road Summit & 15th REAAA Conference

Mar 22, 2017 - Mar 24, 2017

IRF Global Road Summit and 15th REAAA Conference & Exhibition

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Roads for Better Living

The 1st IRF Global Summit & 15th REAAA Conference is a premier conference, business forum and training program set in one of the most dynamic markets globally. This exceptional event combining the immense influence of IRF and REAAA will set new standards of excellence and bring together a wide range of internationally recognized leaders and road professionals of the highest caliber, who will meet to discuss and develop strategies to address industry challenges and stakeholder needs. The overarching theme of the event, Roads for Better Living, seeks to promote more cost effective and sustainable roads and road networks that maximize the socio-economic benefits to society. A special focus will be paid to climate resilience, road safety, connectivity and road financing.

Event Themes

  • Road Safety and Intelligent Transportation Systems Policy issues supporting the Decade of action for road safety 2011-2020; the ‘Safe System’ approach; better data for better outcomes; smart transport technology; policy, social and institutional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) issues; mobility models and vehicular traffic models; driver behavior.
  • Green Construction and Sustainability Adaptation of road pavements to climate change; innovation in construction and maintenance; the use of marginal local materials for roads and bridges; environment considerations in road projects evaluation to ensure quality of life; culture and heritage issues; standards for climate change adaptation.
  • Road Development as a Driver of Growth Urban/regional development; public transport; improving traffic mobility; efficiency of logistics supply chains; design of transport systems; the development of urban infrastructure.
  • Road Financing Schemes/PPPs Managing project financing for sustainable road development; sustainable project delivery; public/ private partnerships.

Why Participate?

  • Meet the top technical & scientific experts in the region
  • Engage with over 1,000 local & international delegates
  • Network with key decision makers from the region
  • Benefit from an exceptional technical and scientific programs featuring some 125 speakers
  • View the latest technologies and products and services at the Exhibition
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REAAA is the Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia. The association promotes the science and practice of road engineering and related professions in the Asia Pacific region through developing professional and commercial links within and between countries in the region. The notable member institution of the association are such as IRDA (Indonesian Road Development Association), the Malaysian Chapter, Australian Chapter and REAP (Philippines).


Indonesian Road Development Association or in Indonesian famous with the name HPJI (Himpunan Pengembangan Jalan Indonesia) is one of the biggest profession association in Indonesia. IRDA vision is to improve the Professionalism for the Members of IRDA as the stakeholder of the Road and Bridge in Indonesia. It activity always targeting more competent and professional of its member by applying certain Criteria of Quality. The member comes from different background from road administrator, government, private company (general contractor or consultants), as well as university and road researcher.

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The International Road Federation is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization with the mission to encourage and promote development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable roads and road networks through knowledge sharing programs an premium networking events. Working together with members and associates in 118 countries, the IRF promotes social and economic benefits that flow from well planned and environmentally sound road transport networks. It helps put in place technological solutions and management practices that provide maximum economic and social returns from road investments. Through the International Road Educational Foundation, the IRF also awards grants to graduate engineers and other transportation professionals from around the world in support of full-time academic training. With this, the IRF actively supports future generations of industry leaders.

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Expanding Opportunities for Infrastructure Investment in Developing Countries

With the aim of enhancing public/private partnerships in member countries, the conference Organizing Committee invites the CEO’s of construction engineering, road industry and service industry companies to discuss business opportunities and build strategic business partnerships among the private sector in member countries. In accordance to the main theme of the Conference, the theme of the Business Forum will be: Expanding opportunities for infrastructure investment in developing countries. A keynote address will be delivered by the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia. he will discuss ongoing policies and strategies for public/private partnerships on infrastructure developments in Indonesia. Prominent speakers from both developing and developed countries will share their experiences and ideas regarding business opportunities, technologies, and lesson learned from the use of PPP in the region. For more information, visit http://reaaabusinessforums.org/.

PPPs in the Road Sector

2017-pppws-baliThe workshop will provide an overview of PPP’s, key factors in its implementation, and the legal and risk parameters underlining PPPs. The workshop will also include hands-on exercises and team activities that will analyze the financial viabilities of sample PPP road projects. Finally examples will be drawn throughout the duration of the workshop on successful PPP initiatives in both emerging and developed economies. [button id=”” style=”filled” class=”” align=”” link=”https://www.irf.global/event/ppp17-bali/” linkTarget=”_self” bgColor=”accent1″ hover_color=”accent1″ font=”17″ icon=”” icon_placement=”left” icon_color=””]Learn More and Register[/button]

Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand PPPs and their role in delivering infrastructure services
  • Identify various stakeholders for successful PPP implementation
  • Utilize tools to assess financial viability of PPP’s
  • Value the role of risk in PPP decision-making
  • Detail successes, challenges and pitfalls with different PPP case studies

Target Audience

  • Highway and Road Professionals
  • Government Agencies
  • Private Consultants & Contractors
  • Service Providers
  • Financial Experts

Safer Roads By Design

2017-srdws-baliVulnerable Road Users, Work Zone Safety & Road Safety Audits

This workshop will focus on Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) and Work Zones with a brief introduction to Road Safety Audits. Taught by one the one leading voices of Road Safety around the world, IRF Executive Vice President Mr. Michael Dreznes,  this workshop is designed to transfer to each participant the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to diagnose safety issues associated with Vulnerable Road Users and Work Zones and to also select the appropriate actions and countermeasures to address those issues. [button id=”” style=”filled” class=”” align=”” link=”https://www.irf.global/event/srd17-bali/” linkTarget=”_self” bgColor=”accent1″ hover_color=”accent1″ font=”17″ icon=”” icon_placement=”left” icon_color=””]Learn More and Register[/button]

Workshop Outcomes

  • Diagnose crash causes and select proper countermeasures
  • Describe VRU needs
  • Discuss VRU safety issues and how to address them
  • Learn about the Fundamentals of Work Zone Safety and the Five Elements of a Work Zone
  • Learn about the application of ITS technologies for Work Zones
  • Discuss best practices and recent research findings in Work Zones
  • Define basic concepts of RSAs
  • Understand Road Safety Audit procedures
  • Address common issues and procedures

Target Audience

  • Road Authorities
  • Concessionaires
  • Road Design Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Distributors
  • Representatives
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Law Enforcement
  • Academia

Indonesia Welcomes You!

General information for participants (visa, airport)

Visa Free  |  Visa on Arrival

Indonesian Immigration Office

The Paradise island Bali, one of the smaller islands of Indonesia, lies 3.2 km (2 mi) east of Java, and is approximately 8 degrees south of equator. The island is approximately 153 km (95 mi) wide and spans approximately 112 km (69 mi) north to south; its cover 5,632 km2 land area. It has been described by many different names – The Hidden Paradise, The Last Paradise on Earth, Morning of The World, Island of Gods, Island of a Thousand Temples, the Emerald Isle of Asia and Island of the Smiling People. For centuries Bali has attracted visitors from all over the world, drawn to its colorful festivals and ceremonies, traditional music and dances, its arts and crafts, delicious cuisine, stunning underwater world and delightful, easy-going people. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, comprising of more than 13 thousand islands, straddling the equator, situated between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, stretching from east to west with a length of 5,200 km and a width of 1,870 km. Indonesia has a total population of more than 240 million people (2015) from more than 200 ethnic groups. The national language is Bahasa Indonesia. Culturally, Indonesia fascinates with her rich diversity of ancient temples, music, ranging from the traditional to modern pop, dances, rituals and ways of life, differ from island to island, from region to region. Yet everywhere the visitor feels welcomed with that warm, gracious innate friendliness of the Indonesian people that is not easily forgotten. Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) located in the heart of Nusa Dua resort area. It is only 20 minutes away by car from the international Airport and has an easy access to transport by a taxi. The whole concept consists of a high profile characteristic, an impressive 70,000 sq. meter garden landscape and a breathtaking Balinese architecture of a total 50,000 sq. meter building area which all integrated to create a complete infrastructure for any kind of events. Nusa Dua is the premier resort area in Bali. The vicinity has an excellent tourism infrastructure with more than 4,000 available rooms of international 4 and 5-stars chain hotels, a close by 18-holes Golf & Country Club, Amphitheater, alongside luxurious shops, Café and Restaurants with a seamless white sandy beach within a walking distance.

Visa formalities: please visit http://www.imigrasi.go.id/

Showcasing Innovation

Place your company’s brand, products and services at center stage during this high-level industry event. With an exhibit or sponsorship package you can build Greater market awareness by increasing your exposure in front of top decision makers, government officials and buyers who are directly involved with the region’s Road and transport infrastructure industry. The 15th REAAA Conference & IRF Global Summit offers a wide variety of sponsorship packages, as well as individual defined benefits, all designed to increase your corporate visibility and ensure your brand is seen. By being a sponsor at this prestigious event, you will be in a strategic position to showcase your products and services in front of Asian and international markets.

Exhibition Overview

The organizing committee would like to invite all of the construction engineering companies, industries, research center and other institutions in the field of road and bridge engineering for :
  • Promote the achievement, industrial products or engineering services
  • Build networking with the decision maker either in public or private sector
  • Build networking with international strategic partners
  • Share and exchange the ideas and views with other professional and researches
  • Get the Information about the future trend of technologies and new construction materials.
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Exhibition Area

Located in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, which is the premier resort area in Bali, guaranteed the exclusivity that this area provide. The organizing committee will provide limited booth to maintain its exclusivity, there will be almost 50 booth available (size : 3×3 m) in the main lobby of the conference rooms. By participating in this prestigious event, participants will have the opportunity to promote their achievements, build networking, and also exchange ideas and views with other professionals and researchers. [blank h=”14″] [/blank] [mapsvg id="29915"]


Magid Elabyad International Road Federation Tel : +1 703 535 1001 Email : melabyad@IRF.global

Sponsorship Overview

The conference organizing committee offers exciting opportunities for partnership, joint conference activities or events, advertisement, etc. The sponsorship package available are titanium, platinum, gold, and silver. Through this event, you can increase the corporate brand image and market share national and internationally by connecting directly to the decision makers, researcher and state of the art and technology.

Benefits of Sponsorship

The conference organizing committee offers exciting opportunities for partnerships, joint conference activities or events, advertisement, etc. The sponsorship package available are titanium, platinum, gold and silver.
  • Raise your profile and strengthen your brand awareness
  • Position your brand as a market leader
  • Differentiate your brand from competitors
  • Maximize exposure of your brand to the media and visitors
  • Maximum ROI with exclusive access to a targeted audience
  • General leads


COST : IRF MEMBER NON MEMBER US $ 30,000 US $ 40,000 US $ 20,000 US $ 25,000 US $ 15,000 US $ 20,000 US $ 10,000 US $ 12,000
Total Available 3 5 15 OPEN
Included Registrations 12 10 7 3
Opportunity to Present
Featured article in Congress Daily
Sponsorship Recognition at Coffee Break
Logo in Event Program**
Gala Dinner Sponsorship
Exhibit Space 18M2 18M2 18M2 9M2
Advanced Publication / Website Link
Logo Recognition at Event
Database of Attendees
Material in Congress Brief Case
Access to VIP Refreshment Lounge
Access to VIP Dinner 4 3 2 1
Complimentary Spouse Program 2 1
Advertisement in Exhibitor Guide Full Page Full Page Half Page Quarter Page


COST US $25,000 US $10,000 US $5,000 US $7,500 US $10,000 US $10,000
Total Available 3 1 8 2 1 5


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Magid Elabyad International Road Federation Tel : +1 703 535 1001 Email : melabyad@IRF.global

Executive Vice President Michael G. Dreznes International Road Federation

Michael G. Dreznes assumed his current position of Executive Vice-President of the International Road Federation (IRF) in February of 2012. Dreznes has spent the last thirty years working to make the roads safer around the world. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading specialists on roadside safety promoting the concept of “Forgiving Roads,” and has conducted multiple road safety training seminars on roadside safety, work zone safety, vulnerable user safety and road safety audit in more than sixty countries around the world. Dreznes is the Co-Chairman of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) AFB20 (2) Roadside Safety SubCommittee on International Research Activities, Co-Chairman of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) Decade of Action Pillar 2: Safer Roads and Mobility Project Group, and a member of the PIARC Road Safety Technical Committee 3.2 Design and Operation of Safer Road Infrastructure. In January 2015, Dreznes was named the winner of the TRB AFB20 Roadside Safety Design Kenneth Stonex Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Tranport Policy and Law Expert Mate Gjorgjievski SEETO

Mate Gjorgjievski has 13 years experience in transport strategy and policy development, including six years working for the Macedonian Government in setting up the regulatory framework and building institutional capacities for implementation of the EU transport policy and legislation. Mr. Gjorgjievski currently works in the South East European Transport Observatory (SEETO), where as a Transport policy & law expert, he is involved in monitoring the sector policy development in the region, as well as in designing and assesing the implementation of connectivity reform measures for enhancing the efficiency of the overall transport system.

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Road Safety Engineert Stephen Lambert

Stephen Lambert is a Chartered Engineer, (CEng), a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation, (FCIHT) and Member of the Institute of Engineers in Ireland (MIEI) Since April 2014 he has been Road Safety Audit Team Leader at the City of Abu Dhabi Municipality with responsibility for advising on road safety related policies and strategies. Prior to joining the ADM Stephen worked for the National Roads Authority in Ireland as a Regional Road Safety Engineer from 1996. During this time, he pioneered and developed many initiatives to improve road safety in Ireland, including the development of the National Collision Database, the Collision Remedial Measures programmes, the Traffic and Transport Assessment Guidelines and Road Safety Audit Systems. Stephen was also involved in developing the policies to improve inter agency co-operation between the police (Gardaí), the Health Boards, Local Authorities and the Road Safety Authority (RSA). He has contributed at many conferences in Ireland, Britain, Europe and the UAE covering a wide range of topics relating to road design and safety engineering. In addition to being a chartered civil engineer, Stephen has qualifications in Forensic Collision Investigation (FCI), Road Design, Traffic, junction and signal design and Road Safety Audit, (CoC).

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CEO Rob McInerney iRAP

Rob McInerney is the Chief Executive Officer for the international Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), a registered charity with the vision for a world free of high-risk roads. With RAP projects and programmes now active in over 70 countries worldwide, Rob works closely with key development bank, political and technical leaders from each country to build local capacity and deliver large scale and long term road safety benefits through the provision of safer road infrastructure as part of their own RAP programmes. He has been directly involved in the iRAP star rating model development and the associated investment planning tools. Rob is leading the development of innovative financing mechanisms such as road safety social impact bonds to unlock the win-win potential of safer roads. He is working with partners worldwide to set star rating policy targets and implement the star rating of road designs that provide a pass-mark for road safety. Rob is a civil engineer, with over 20 years of international charity, development agency, road authority, research and road safety experience in policy, construction, design and investment planning. He was awarded a Fellowship of the Australasian College of Road Safety in 2015 and received the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2014 in recognition of the work of iRAP globally; the IRF Global Road Achievement Award on behalf of kiwiRAP in 2013 and was jointly awarded the Katahira Award at the 13th REAAA Conference in Korea.

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Engineering Director Philippe Fenain Abertis

Born in France, 1963. He has an engineering degree from Paris Electrical Engineering School) and a MBA, International Affairs from EMLyon Business school. He has spent his entire career in the infrastructure business, mostly in the field of transport infrastructures: airports, rail transit systems, toll roads… During 15 years, he has managed operations and business development in different countries for an electrical engineering company. In 2003, he joined Sanef, a French toll road concessionaire, now a subsidiary of Abertis, where his last position was Director of operations of one of their concessions. Philippe joined Abertis Corporation in 2015. He develops global policies and provides support to toll road concessionaires across Abertis worldwide in the fields of construction and operations, with a special emphasis on road safety aspects.

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Asia-Pacific Regional Director Steve Johnson Lindsay Transportation Solutions

Steve Johnson has been resident in Asia Pacific since 2001 having lived in Thailand, Australia and Singapore, where he currently resides. Steve has been engaged in specialist products used in the civil engineering and infrastructure sector for over 20 years. Steve is currently the Asia-Pacific Regional Director for Lindsay Transportation Solutions, formerly Barrier Systems Inc. Prior to this Steve has been retained as a business development specialist, digital marketeer, consultant and contractor on various infrastructure projects in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Steve has lived and worked in the UK, France, Hong Kong, Yemen, the US, Chad, Thailand, Australia and Singapore during his career

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Secretary General Patrick Malléjacq PIARC

Patrick Malléjacq was appointed Secretary general of the World Road Association (PIARC) as of April 1st, 2016. With the help of the Secretariat’s dedicated team of experts and professionals, he is committed to leading the implementation of the Association’s ambitious Strategic Plan on knowledge production and dissemination, and in coordinating cooperation with partner organisations. A Chief civil engineer (Ponts, Eaux et Forêts), Patrick started his career at the French National mapping institute in 1993, and moved to the international department of the Ministry in charge of construction and transport in 1997. He was then posted to the French Embassy in Tokyo as Commercial attaché for three years. He returned to the Ministry in 2003 to be appointed Strategic adviser to the Road safety and traffic director, where he contributed to European directives and to intelligent transport systems (ITS) deployment and technology projects. He then became deputy director of the Safety, transport and roads department of SETRA, the leading French road expertise centre, before joining Ifsttar (French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks, previously Public Works Research Laboratory, Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées, LCPC) as Director for European and international affairs. He served as French National contact point for Transport in the European Commission’s “Horizon 2020” framework programme and as the coordinator of the Research group of the Conference of European directors of roads (CEDR) where he structured and developed yearly transnational road research programmes. At Ifsttar he was instrumental in the design and successful organisation of the “Transport Research Arena” conference that was held in Paris in 2014.

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Road Safety Audit & Inspection Trainer Muhammed Idris Institute of Road Engineering (IRE), Bandung, Indonesia EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND :

    • Formal Education:
Transportation, Bandung Technology Institute
  • Informal Education:
1) Workshop and Training on Road Safety Audit and Road safety Inspection, Organised by Lund University, Sweden 2) IRAP Training, First Principle of IRAP, organised by MIROS, Malaysia 3) Advance IRAP Training, Organised by MIROS & IRAP Aspac, Indonesia 4) Road Safety TOT, Organised by Asian GRSP& ADB, Manila 5) Road Safety Training, organised by TRL and British Council, Reading and Newcastle, UK WORKING EXPERIENCE
  • Senior Road Safety Researcher at Institute of Road Engineering (IRE), Bandung, Indonesia
  • Head of Traffic Engineering and Road Environment laboratory, IRE, Bandung, Indonesia
  • Project Officer on Traffic Engineering and Road Engineering Division, IRE, Bandung, Indonesia
  • Road Safety Audit and Inspection Trainer
  • Guest Lecturer on Road Safety and Road Geometric at Polytechnic of Safety Land Transportation (POLTRAN)
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President &CEO Murphy Sun Sunsky International Ltd EDUCATIONAL :

  • Royal Roads University Executive MBA, Victoria, BC
Current Positions
  • Executive ,Vice President, ITS-Taiwan
  • Asia-Pacific Board of Director, ITS-Taiwan
  • Executive Director, China Road Federation
  • President &CEO, Sunsky International Ltd
Past Experiences
  • Executive Director, ITS-Taiwan
  • Director, China Road Federation