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Performance-Based Contracts Executive Seminar

May 8, 2023 - May 13, 2023

Overview In traditional road construction and maintenance contracts, contractors are responsible for the execution of works and are paid on the basis of unit prices for different work items. The results are, in many cases, less-than-optimal because the contractor is incentivized to carry out the maximum amount of works in order to maximize its turnover and profits. Under Performance-based contracts, contractors have a strong financial incentive to be both efficient and effective whenever they undertake work through intelligently designed interventions that ensure that pre-defined indicators of Service Level are achieved and maintained over time. In this globally recognized executive seminar, international experts representing the fields of contract management, financing, and sustainable transport policy development have been scheduled to present best practices and case studies in performance-based contracting. The program will include a five-day program of presentations and discussions about performance-based contracts and a two-day program of technical site visits. IRF’s Executive Seminars are specifically developed to meet the needs of today’s highway managers. Whether you are a representative of a highway agency, a member of a financing institution, a consultant or a contractor, IRF seminars will give you the necessary tools to make improvements in your organization. Our mission is to facilitate progress whenever and wherever we can by organizing constructive events, furnishing needed information and assisting with the training and transfer of best practices and technologies around the world. As part of a global effort to foster awareness of the importance of Sustainable Infrastructure Development, international lending organizations and donor agencies such as the World Bank currently provide loans and technical assistance to support the development and implementation of programs that assist highway agencies and strengthen local commerce and industry. IRF Global is now recognized as an approved training provider by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT), a respected professional body that provides transportation professionals with recognition, support and business insights to accelerate their careers and influence the future of the sector.

Course Outcomes

  • Learn how PBCs can play a key role in preserving your most valuable assets
  • Develop a Business Case for PBCs
  • Define and Measure Risk under PBCs
  • Successfully manage the Client-contractor Relationship
  • Learn the key implementation success factors
  • Get exposed to global and regional PBC best practices
  • Discover solutions to road delivery and maintenance problems faced in your country
  • Receive IRF Certification

Target Audience

  • Road & Transport Agencies Executives
  • Engineers and Managers involved in Highway Maintenance
  • Private Consultants & Contractors
  • International Financial Institutions
  • Engineering Firms
  • Toll Operators
  • Service Providers
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