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Performance Indicators in Highway Operations

Sep 14 - Sep 20

| $3000 – $4000


This course on “IRF Performance Indicators in Highway Operations & Megaproject Management & Performance-based Contracts” is designed to equip participants with cutting-edge knowledge and practices in the management and maintenance of road infrastructure. It delves into the intricacies of performance-based contracts (PBCs), a strategic approach that focuses on the outcomes of maintenance activities rather than the specific tasks performed. This innovative methodology ensures the longevity and reliability of road assets by incentivizing quality work and efficiency from contractors. The course further explores essential performance indicators critical for effective highway operations, offering insights into measuring and improving operational efficiency. Additionally, it addresses the complexities of managing large-scale infrastructure projects, or megaprojects, providing participants with the skills to navigate the challenges of planning, executing, and overseeing projects of immense scale and impact. This comprehensive program is ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in sustainable road asset management, operational excellence, and the successful delivery of major infrastructure projects.

Learning Objectives

  • In-depth Understanding of Performance-Based Contracts: Gain comprehensive knowledge of PBC principles, including their structure, implementation, and management in road infrastructure.
  • Expertise in Developing Performance Indicators: Develop skills in establishing and utilizing effective performance indicators to monitor and improve highway operations.
  • Strategic Insight into Highway Operations Management: Acquire strategic approaches to optimize highway operations, focusing on efficiency, safety, and user satisfaction.
  • Competency in Megaproject Management: Understand the complexities of managing large-scale road infrastructure projects, including planning, execution, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Knowledge of Financial and Operational Aspects of PBCs: Learn about the financial models, risk management, and operational dynamics inherent in performance-based contracts.
  • Best Practices and Global Trends in Road Asset Preservation: Stay abreast of global trends and best practices in preserving road assets, ensuring long-term sustainability and effectiveness.

Target Audience

  • Road Authorities & Operators
  • Road Design Consultants
  • Road Contractors
  • Asset Managers
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Bridge and Pavement Engineers



nullScott Bloxsom

Scott is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over 25 years of experience in a wide range of asset management and engineering projects. Scott has worked extensively with both public and private sector clients in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East, advising and implementing asset management principles and performance-based contract development, delivery, and review.

He is the principal and founder of Essency Consulting Limited, an asset management and contract services company delivering tailored services to clients in the infrastructure sector.

He is a Chartered member of Engineers Australia, a member of the Institute of Asset Management (UK) and Asset Management Council of Australia, and a qualified assessor to the ISO55000 and PAS55:2008 Asset Management standards.

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