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SRD: Making Roads Safe for All Users

Oct 14 - Oct 18

| $2500 – $3000


The Safe System approach revolutionizes road safety by rejecting the belief that deaths and serious injuries are inevitable outcomes of human error in traffic. This innovative perspective underscores the vital role of well-designed and meticulously maintained roads in significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents. Safe System roads are inherently ‘forgiving,’ designed to lessen the severity of accidents when they do occur.

Choosing the right road safety measures is crucial, often meaning the difference between life and death. Decision-makers must possess a deep understanding of various safety systems and design approaches, be conversant with relevant standards, and have an intimate knowledge of the specific conditions of the intended implementation sites. This course provides an in-depth exploration of the latest knowledge in road safety and introduces methodologies for selecting and applying the most suitable road engineering solutions to specific site conditions.

Participants who successfully complete this workshop will be eligible for the IRF Road Safety Practitioner Certification (RSP) and/or the IRF Road Safety Audit Team Leader Certification (RSATL), marking a significant step in their professional development in road safety.

Learning Objectives

  • Prioritize identifying and addressing road deficiencies that contribute to serious and fatal injuries.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the principles of human-centric road design.
  • Develop skills to choose appropriate traffic control devices tailored to specific site conditions.
  • Locate and utilize various data sources to enhance the effectiveness of road safety professionals.
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of national and international reference manuals, and apply them effectively.
  • Master advanced techniques for predicting and analyzing traffic safety outcomes influenced by design choices.
  • Learn effective strategies for presenting safety findings to decision-makers and convincingly advocating for safety investments.

Target Audience

  • National Road & Transport Agency Executives
  • Highway Engineers and Managers
  • Federal and State Road Safety Agencies
  • Road Safety Professionals
  • Private Consultants & Contractors



Vice President, ETI USA
John Griffith

John is a highly experienced Road Safety Audit Team Leader with a 35-year background in law enforcement. A Traffic Crash Investigator and Highway Crash Reconstructionist, Dr. Griffith’s experience in both the civilian and military milieu has taken him to over 55 countries in his career, giving him a great deal of insight into factors that play into highway crashes. John brings his experience in Investigations, Road Safety Audits, Highway construction and active Road Safety Best Practices, coupled with decades of experience in International Business, Project Management and Curriculum and Training Development. John has also given numerous road safety presentations to international audiences with the International Road Federation, ATSSA, UNITAR and CIFAL.

John is an independent consultant in Highway Safety and the Vice President of a highway safety product manufacturing company. He is a Committee Member with the American Traffic Safety Services Association, a certified IRF Road Safety Audit Team Leader, a John C. Maxwell certified Executive Trainer and a decorated US Army Veteran.

Venue & Hotel

IRF Global Training Institute

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500 Montgomery Street Fifth Floor, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 USA

Tel: +1 703 535 1001
Email: info@IRF.global

Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria

Address: 801 North Saint Asaph Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 USA