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Webinar Overview

Asset Management for Low-Volume Roads

Smart phones are becoming useful in more and demanding applications. More accurate sensors, geo-positioning, powerful computing and cloud services is creating value in the road maintenance sector. The topic of this webinar is how smartphones can be used to monitor road roughness even on a highly variable unsealed network.

Lars Forslöf

Lars Forslöf is a road engineer (BSc) with more than 20 professional years as a CEO, consultant, and project manager within the road maintenance, ITS, and road traffic management sectors. His work for the Swedish National Transport Administration (Trafikverket) as a consultant and as the founder of Roadroid takes him around the globe. Roadroid is used in more than 15 countries, including the USA, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan.

Road Asset Manager
Neil Bennett
Fulton Hogan Ltd

Neil’s principal responsibility is to support Fulton Hogan’s local authority contracts throughout New Zealand. He is passionate about low volume roads and has been on the committee of the organising committee of the biennial low volume roads workshops held in New Zealand for 14 years. The aim of these workshops and Neil’s work role is information sharing and determining best practice.
Mr. Bennett stays aware of the benefits of technology and as an expert user of the google search engine he has brought to New Zealand technologies like the Ground Penetrating Radar to determine unsealed road metal depth and the cell phone app Roadroid that is the subject of this presentation.


April 20, 2017
14:00 - 15:30
Online, VA
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