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Webinar: Autonomous Drones for Highway Design & Operations

Mar 20, 2019 @ 12:00 - 13:30 EDT

Webinar Overview

Autonomous Drones for Highway Design & Operations

Transportation agencies are continuously searching for cost efficiency gains in highway construction & operations through innovative data collection mechanisms. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also known as autonomous drones, are already being used across the world to address a variety of needs such as road infrastructure design, bridge inspection, traffic management, active risk monitoring, and crash scene reconstruction, among many other possible uses. This IRF webinar will cover industry-specific case studies involving UAS combined with data analytics software. We will deep dive into the technologies (hardware, software) being used, and the beneficial outcomes they have helped unleash. [divider type=”1″] [/divider]


Founder & CEO, Third Space Auto Arshia Gratiot

Arshia is the founder and CEO of Third Space Auto Ltd. A start up creating AI systems in the drones and robotics space. Arshia is an experienced technology professional who has worked with two of the largest companies in the industry, Nokia and Microsoft over the last ten years. She has worked in wide variety of roles focused on developing AI for responsive systems. Arshia is a member of a number of EU wide initiatives focused emerging mobility systems including the recently formed Urban Air Mobility consortium and the European AI alliance. Arshia is a frequent speaker on topics involving AI and ethics, blockchain and cybersecurity in logistics and ITS systems. Arshia is an avid supporter of women in technology and evangelises the importance of encouraging girls to enter the STEAM stream where arts also play a significant role. Arshia has two children and lives in London.