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This webinar describes the results of on-site bridge deck scanning by digital imaging and infrared thermography technologies. Three infrared cameras with different specifications were compared for effectiveness in application to bridge deck scanning from a moving vehicle. The results obtained by three different infrared cameras were compared to show how each’s specifications have evident effects on the degree of accuracy in the detection of delaminations within concrete bridge decks. It can be concluded that for highway infrared inspection, the cooled infrared camera is far superior to other commonly implemented models, and a high exposure rate is critical in preventing blurred imagery and subsequent false detections. Raising work efficiency and precision using cooled models provides many benefits. False detections and blurry images will be minimized, and with the support from the analyzing software the bridge inspection engineer gains much more intelligent data at a much faster rate.


Masato Matsumoto

President & CEO | NEXCO-West USA, Inc.

Masato Matsumoto is a globally recognized structural engineer currently a Committee Member for the IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering) Working Commission 4 (Conservation of Structures) as well as the IRF Asset Management Committee where he shares his knowledge and experience in highway asset management. Matsumoto’s academic background is primarily in bridge condition assessment and optimum lifetime maintenance strategies. In his professional career at Japan’s highway agency (NEXCO), he utilized his academic knowledge and practical experience to devote himself to bridge inspection, NDE technologies, bridge maintenance and management.


September 23, 2016
11:00 - 12:00
Online, VA
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