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Webinar: Managing Bridge Infrastructure Assets

Feb 6, 2019 @ 11:30 - 13:30 EST

Webinar Overview

Managing Bridge Infrastructure Assets

Bridges are amongst the largest, most expensive and complex structures, which makes them a crucial and valuable transportation asset for local and regional connectivity. When bridges fail, the results can quickly turn into human and economic catastrophe. This webinar will introduce best practices and state of the art methods for effective bridge maintenance, management and inspection using a variety of representative case studies. Topics covered include network-level assessments & resource allocation, as well as single structure detailed inspections & monitoring systems. [divider type=”1″] [/divider]


Research & Development Manager, Franchetti Group, Michele Frizzarin

Michele Frizzarin is a structural engineer with experience in the field of analysis and verification of existing structures. In particular he gained expertise in the inspection and structural analysis of existing concrete, steel and masonry infrastructures, as well as historical buildings and monuments. He furthered his education in the study of the dynamic and seismic behaviour of structures, and work constantly in universities for the organization of technical courses of construction and structural dynamics.

He is partner and R&D Manager of Franchetti Group, headquartered in Italy, branches in Brazil, Canada, and Expansions from 2019 in USA, India and Singapore. The company operates in the field of civil engineering and environmental engineering with the collaboration of more than 50 engineers. >