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Webinar Overview

Performance-Based Reports for Low Volume Roads

This webinar features the method and approach for simple data collection and powerful report for performance monitoring on Low Volume Roads. The approach uses a smartphone-based data collection tool (Roadroid). In this Webinar, Experts from the system supplier and road maintenance consultants will share their approach and experience on how to manage LVRs with focus on unsealed Roads.

Roadroid will tell about the surveys system inclusive new tools as analyze of dust, corrugations, potholes, etc. by the help AI. Besides, works and models from Road Asset Manager Neil Bennett from Roads Consulting Ltd will be presented; covering tools and models for displaying unsealed roads by consolidating Roadroid and the assets management system JunoViewer. Roadroid will also present the Performance-Based Report function from Roadroid Data and also Microsoft Excel templates for the purpose.


Lars Forslöf, CEO/Founder, RoadRoid

Lars Forslöf is a road engineer (BSc) with more than 20 professional years as a CEO, consultant and project manager within the road maintenance, ITS and road traffic management sectors. His has worked on missions for the Swedish National Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and Stockholm City in Sweden, as well as in Myanmar (Sweroad/ADB) and Afghanistan (UNOPS). Currently he works for Trafikverket to develop KPI’s for a performance-based contracts on the European road E22 in Sweden.

Neil Bennett, Director, Roads Consulting Ltd

Neil has considerable experience in the roading industry and local government through his work in all industry sectors. He has 42 years’ experience in the transportation industry, specifically in the area of road funding, business development and asset management. Neil is well known in the Australasian Civil Industry for his expertise in low volume roads.

Basir Habibi, Financial & Project Management Support, RoadRoid

Basir, holding MBA in Project Management, has worked with different administrative, management and reporting systems. He has worked as an executive with UN, Banks and International Companies and Organizations around the world. He is working as the Project Support Head at Roadroid AB, Sweden- since 2015.


April 29, 2020
11:00 - 12:30
Online, VA
Event Type:
IRF Webinars
+1 703 535 1001

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