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Road User Charging: From Slow March to a Sprint

More and more, we are seeing infrastructure improvements that are funded through road usage charging (RUC) and tolling, as opposed to taxes and public funding. What opportunities does this open in the market and how is the value chain evolving to meet the needs of this model?

These types of schemes allow infrastructure to be maintained and improved when public funding is short, and create opportunities for the private sector. What’s more, advances in electronic tolling and payment technologies are enabling faster roll-outs of new schemes.

Get a taste of what opportunities could appear in this new landscape with a global overview of the evolving RUC and electric toll collection (ETC) markets, including:

  • The impact of emerging technologies for enforcing and collecting tolls, such as the potential of smartphones to be a tolling device
  • The shift to gantry-less open road tolling, including the impact on overall scheme costs
  • The evolution of the RUC and ETC value chain as tech companies enter the market – how will this affect the traditional players?


Marissa Burkett

PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

Marissa Burkett manages the ETC service line at the PTOLEMUS Consulting Group. Marissa has more than 3 years of experience in management consulting and has completed several assignments related to ETC, fuel card and other fleet services including a survey of the European market of toll service providers to haulage fleets for the Netherlands’ Department of Transport, an in-depth analysis of services proposed to European truck for a major fuel card provider, and an in-depth analysis of successful truck RUC schemes around the world, for a global road operator.

She also contributed to the update of PTOLEMUS’ Electronic Toll Collection Global Study, published in December. As part of this work, she has analysed the ETC/RUC markets in countries such as Canada, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and the USA.


September 25, 2019
11:00 - 12:30
Online, VA
Event Type:
IRF Webinars
+1 703 535 1001

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