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Webinar Overview

Road safety professionals often face data problems when completing a diagnostic analysis. Whether the analysis is a cursory review of site collision history or an advanced Empirical Bayes network screening, efforts are hindered or results are questioned because the input data is incomplete or uncertain. While there is significant merit to improving data sources, diagnostic analysis cannot wait for data improvements. As a result, there is an urgent need for safety diagnosis tools that are robust in the face of input data limitations. Using two case studies, this webinar will introduce how this need can be met at the network analysis level and at the site analysis level. Both case studies are based on projects completed in Winnipeg during the past 6 months. The Case Studies are the following:

  • Case Study 1: Developing Robust Safety Performance Functions for Network Screening When the Traffic Volume and Collision Data has Gaps and Errors.
  • Case Study 2: Using Video Analytics to Automatically Detect and Classify Near-Miss Accidents when Collision Data is not Reliable Enough for Diagnostics 

Following the case studies, a Q&A will be held on various data limitations faced by webinar participants in completing safety diagnostics and the approaches used to overcome these limitations.


Craig Milligan

Managing Director, Fireseeds North Infrastructure


Craig Milligan, P.Eng., is the Managing Director of Fireseeds North Infrastructure. He holds a Ph.D. in road safety from University of Manitoba, Canada. He has completed more than 75 safety audits and in-service road safety reviews, and developed more than 200 collision prediction models for multiple jurisdictions. Craig previously held safety specialist positions with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation and the World Bank, where he was the lead author of the road safety chapter on their flagship report for transport capital budget allocation decisions. He is Vice Chair of the Transportation Association of Canada Road Safety Standing Committee and a member of the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals Board of Directors. He is a coauthor of numerous guidelines as well as peer-reviewed articles in top-ranked road safety journals, and has taught several undergraduate civil and transportation engineering courses at the University of Manitoba.


June 16, 2016
13:00 - 14:30
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