SRD: Making Roads Safe for All Users

    IRF Global Training Institute 500 Montgomery St # 525, Alexandria, VA 22314, Alexandria, VA, United States

    The Safe System approach revolutionizes road safety by rejecting the belief that deaths and serious injuries are inevitable outcomes of human error in traffic. This innovative perspective underscores the vital role of well-designed and meticulously maintained roads in significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents. Safe System roads are inherently 'forgiving,' designed to lessen the severity of accidents when they do occur.

    $2500 – $3000

    Road Safety Audits and Safe Roads by Design

    Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre Amsterdam, Netherlands

    This specialized course on Road Safety Audits and Safe Roads by Design offers an in-depth exploration into the critical aspects of road safety and effective design principles. Aimed at engineers, planners, and road safety professionals, the training provides a comprehensive understanding of how to conduct thorough road safety audits at various stages of road development. Participants will engage in learning about the latest standards and methodologies for identifying and mitigating potential road safety issues. The course also covers the principles of 'Safe System' approach and 'Vision Zero' concepts, emphasizing the importance of designing roads that inherently reduce the risk of accidents and enhance safety for all road users. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical case studies, attendees will acquire the skills necessary to design, evaluate, and improve road networks to ensure maximum safety. This training is essential for professionals committed to creating safer roads and reducing the incidence of road accidents in their communities.

    $3000 – $3500

    IRF Road Safety Auditor Specialization

    Jumeirah Creekside Hotel Al Garhoud, next to The Irish Village , PO Box 78377, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The upcoming Road Safety Auditor Specialization course, scheduled for June 3-14, represents a pivotal opportunity for professionals in the field to enhance their expertise and meet the rigorous certification standards of road safety auditing. This meticulously designed specialization is aimed at aligning with the highest standards set forth by esteemed bodies such as the UK's Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) and the Society of Road Safety Auditors (SoRSA).

    $5000 – $6000