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Exhibitor Profile

E-Mak: Research and Innovation Driven by Customer Feedback

Research and innovation driven by customer feedback. This is a not a novel concept, but with a clear and dedicated focus, an organization can become a truly powerful source of solutions for its customers simply by listening well.

E-Mak takes this philosophy to its core. As a part of the Simge Group founded in 1977, E-Mak has grown from a machinery manufacturer to a well-known leader brand in asphalt plant producer for much of Europe, as well as the Middle East and Africa.

Headquartered in Bursa, Turkey, E-Mak has active asphalt production plants in Germany, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan. Additionally, the organization is experiencing strong growth in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

E-Mak is the only asphalt plant producer with its own trial facilities, and with a particularly unique advantage of being intimately connected with its contractors and consultants, E-Mak, as a part of the Simge Group, can offer a highly competitive advantage to its customers because of this feedback mechanism which directly supports their research and innovation, ultimately giving their customers a significant advantage in asphalt production quality.

E-Mak is exhibiting at the 1st IRF Europe and Central Asia Regional Congress in Istanbul this week, and if attention to quality through research and innovation in asphalt production is important to your road agency, then you must speak with E-Mak in booth 6 on the Urban Bar level of the Congress.


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