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Exhibitor Profile

Pavemetrics: Enabling Smart Asset Decisions

Imagine playing a game of cards without ever looking at your hand. It would be impossibly difficult to make intelligent decisions on which card to play if you don’t know what you have available.

An essential part of transportation infrastructure asset management is knowing what you have and what condition it is in. This information allows infrastructure engineers to make decisions on what to do to their infrastructure network. Pavemetrics is making this possible.

With several hundred systems at work in 35 countries over 6 continents around the world, Pavemetrics Inspection systems are busy collecting detailed information about road surfaces, tunnel linings, rail condition, airport debris and terrain details so transportation infrastructure authorities can make decisions about how best to maintain and expand their systems.

If you ever had the luxury of performing field road inspections using a straight edge and a clipboard, then you will truly appreciate the speed and efficiency of automated road inspection vehicles. Capable of collecting millimeter level detail while travelling at 100km/h, any vehicle fitted with Pavemetrics inspections systems can be profoundly accurate at making judgements about surface condition including rutting, transverse profiles and cracking.

What sets Pavemetrics apart is their ability to collect digital data in 3D. While much of their competition still struggles with 2D video, Pavemetrics is leading the way in 3D automated crack detection systems.

Better information about your system helps open the door to making better decisions, which ultimately helps Transportation Infrastructure Authorities be smarter and more efficient when maintaining their networks.

Pavemetrics is exhibiting at the 1st IRF European and Central Asia Regional Congress in Istanbul this week, and if your Public Works or Road Authority is still using inefficient Road Survey technology, then you need to speak to Pavemetrics to find out how your local Road Survey vehicles can be outfitted with better technology.


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