Saferoads: Pedestrian safety is not a luxury

Exhibitor Profile from the 1st IRF Asia Regional Congress & Exhibition


Energy absorption technology built into vehicles is designed to protect the occupants of those vehicles. Unfortunately for pedestrians, there is often little protection from the impact of errant vehicles. Combined with the typically vast amounts of pedestrians in many Asian cities, there is a huge potential of vehicle-pedestrian collision.

An Innovative Road Safety Solution from Australia may be the right fit for crowded Asian cities. Saferoads has, among many other road safety products, a solution for pedestrian safety; an energy absorbing bollard called the Omni Stop. Placed in strategic locations where pedestrians congregate near vehicle traffic, such as bus stops, street-side restaurants or even crosswalks, the Saferoads Omni Stop can fully arrest a 1600kg vehicle at 60km/h.

The Saferoads Omni Stop is placed within a concrete footing below the ground which permits a 15 degrees tilt when impacted by a vehicle. This provides sufficient deceleration to protect the occupants of the vehicle while also protecting the pedestrian area.

An innovative road safety solution from Australia, Saferoads — an International Road Federation member — is proud to be exhibiting at the 1st IRF Asia Regional Congress in Bali, Indonesia, November 17-19, 2014. With more than 50 countries being represented, Mr. Hamish Webb is in the crowds at the exhibition hall. “We met stacks of people,” said Mr. Webb during an impromptu demonstration of the operation of the Omni Stop.

A cost-effective solution that can easily be deployed around any urban environment may be a powerful solution for Asia’s crowded city streets to help protect the most vulnerable road user. Pedestrian safety is not a luxury; it is a component of safe engineering design of our roadways and Saferoads is making it easily attainable and cost effective. The IRF supports the mission of road safety for all road users. Urban governments should be taking a close look at this pedestrian safety technology provided by Australian innovator, Saferoads (http://www.saferoads.com.au)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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