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IRF Expands On-Line Road Safety Credentials

Beginning in April 2020, IRF is launching a “Safe Roads by Design” Professional Credential, designed as a companion initiative to the IRF Global Road Safety Audit Team Leader Credential. Available exclusively online, the new Credential offers a pathway for individuals seeking recognition of their knowledge and experience of safe road design & management practices.

Professionals seeking recognition for their road safety skills now have access to two global credentials administered by the International Road Federation:

• “Safe Roads by Design” Professional Credential – Practitioner Level
• “Road Safety Audit Team Leader” Professional Credential

Candidates are required submit a comprehensive application presenting their professional track record, and take an online Qualifying Knowledge Exam demonstrating their understanding of safe road design and management practices. For applicants going on to the Road Safety Team Leader Credential Program, applicants must also supply details of the projects they have audited in order to complete the program.

Who Should Apply?
If you are an accomplished road safety professional with experience leading cross-functional road safety teams, then the IRF Global Road Safety Credentials are the right choice for you.
You must meet the following standard requirements:

• have a minimum of five (5) years relevant experience in a road design, road construction, traffic law enforcement or traffic engineering field.
• have attended a certified training course equivalent to at least eight (8) Professional Development Hours (PDHs) that covers Road Safety Legal Issues, Legislation and Policy, Collision Investigation, Road Safety Engineering, or Road Design
• demonstrate awareness of developments in best practices and state of the art technologies regarding road safety through active participation in conferences and/or trade fairs.

Additionally, for professionals applying for the Road Safety Audit Team Leader Professional Credential, you must demonstrate:
• formal training in Road Safety Audits equivalent to at least sixteen (16) Professional Development Hours (PDHs)
• provide verifiable evidence of participation on RSA teams that conducted a minimum of three (3) large road safety audits/inspections requiring over ten (10) person-days level of effort each OR six (6) small road safety audits/inspections requiring less than ten (10) person-days level of effort each within thirty-six (36) months prior to application for RSATL Credential.

Gain and Maintain Your Global Credential
After reviewing supporting videos, you must complete a Qualifying Knowledge Exam (QKE) comprising forty randomized questions ventilated across four categories: the Safe System Approach, the Theory and Practice of Road Safety Audits, Road Safety by Design, and Case Studies.

Additionally, for professionals applying for the Road Safety Audit Team Leader Professional Credential, you will also be asked to submit Qualifying Professional Experience (QPE) by completing three audit reports comprising a scheme description, illustration of problem identification & solving, and have these attested by a verified third party. These briefs will be evaluated by an independent third party contracted by IRF.

To begin the application process, please visit https://www.irf.global/global-credential/

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