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An IRF Press Release

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IRF Introduces a Global Credential Program for Road Safety Audit Team Leaders

ALEXANDRIA, Va. May 9, 2017 – The International Road Federation today introduced a landmark Global Credential Program for Road Safety Audit Team Leaders, recognizing the essential role of Road Safety Audits to drive change in safe road design practices.

Preventive risk assessment measures, such as a road safety audit or inspection, carried out on new and existing roads offer a well-charted and cost-effective pathway to reducing road traffic injury risk. Yet, those countries with the fastest growth in motorization and road construction are also those least likely to have established in-country professional qualification programs delivered by accredited institutes.

The IRF Global Credential Program remedies this critical gap by offering a pathway for seasoned road safety auditors who wish to enhance their qualifications at home or seek work abroad. Candidates are required to take an online knowledge qualifying exam and submit a comprehensive application presenting their professional track record and details of the projects they have audited in order to complete the program.

“The IRF has for many years been a leading global advocate for road safety, promoting best practices in safe road design and management through our advocacy work, knowledge-sharing programs, and capacity building initiatives,” said IRF President & CEO C. Patrick Sankey. “Every day, our member organizations affect real change by designing solutions that help to protect people from death or injuries. The Global Credential Program is a major advance that provides a common benchmark for safety professionals and road agencies around the world.”

“This initiative follows a long string of policy statements issued by the IRF since 2014,” said IRF Chairman Eng. Abdullah A. Al-Mogbel. “Thanks to our collective advocacy effort, safety audits and other essential traffic safety safeguards are now being mainstreamed across a growing number of transport projects funded by multilateral institutions.”

For additional information and to pre-register, please contact Brendan Halleman at bhalleman@IRF.global.

IRF Global Credential Program Terms of Use

By submitting their application, the applicant acknowledges that the IRF will apply the internal standards adopted by its Board in evaluating the applicant, and that it may reject any applicant who does not meet its minimum standards for certification. In consideration of the IRF’s acceptance and processing of an application, the applicant agrees to waive any and all claims of liability or responsibility against the IRF and to indemnify and hold harmless the IRF, its directors, officers, committee members, employees, agents and representatives against any and all such injury, damages, or claims made by or on behalf of any person, partnership, association, or corporation. The applicant further acknowledges that the IRF, its directors, officers, committee members, employees, agents or representatives are not liable to the applicant, or to any other person, partnership, association, or corporation, in any way for any injury, damages, or claims alleged to be based upon or arising out of the approval or disapproval or the issuance, withdrawal, or termination of any certification issued by the IRF.

The IRF reserves the right to change or amend the requirements for certification if and when deemed appropriate by the IRF. The IRF further reserves the right to revoke a certification if, in the opinion of the IRF, the person concerned has violated or shown flagrant disregard for the professional conduct and ethics that are incumbent to road safety audit team leaders. 

Since the program is entirely voluntary, the IRF assumes no responsibility for any loss or disadvantage, real or imagined, which may be alleged to have resulted from a disapproval of an application for certification or revocation of the certificate once given.


The International Road Federation is a global not-for-profit organization, headquartered in Washington, DC since 1948 and supported by regional offices throughout the world. The IRF serves a network of public and private sector members in more than 70 countries by providing world-class knowledge resources, advocacy services, and continuing education programs which together offer a global marketplace for best practices and industry solutions.


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