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IRF Launches Committee on Road User Charging

At a time when many governments and city authorities around the world are challenged to manage transport demand and recover costs from road users, members of the International Road Federation have launched a new committee dedicated to tolling and other forms of road user charging (RUC).

The committee’s chief aim is to offer IRF members an opportunity to formulate policy and technological recommendations that support informed policy-making and lead to cost-effective solutions in those cases where road user charging meets clearly identified mobility objectives and societal goals. In doing so, members of the subcommittee will also have a key role in articulating technology-neutral awareness raising initiatives and capacity building programs to be led by the IRF.

Topics addressed by the subcommittee:

  1. Policy & technological enablers for RUC
  2. RUC serving emerging mobility trends
  3. Regulatory framework & interoperability requirements for RUC schemes
  4. RUC enforcement handling
  5. RUC Key Performance Indicators
  6. Establishing effective Public Private Partnerships for RUCs
  7. Gaining buy-in for RUCs through stakeholder consultation

Committee Leadership:

Co-chair: Marc Ribo Pedragosa, Abertis

Co-chair: Emmanuel Grandserre, 4iCom

For further information, please contact tantonissen@IRF.global


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