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IRF Committee on ITS

We are entering an exciting and pivotal time in the history of ITS: the integration of vehicles and surrounding infrastructure for enhanced safety and mobility, and the development of ever smarter vehicles that will culminate in autonomous (self) driving cars for the ultimate in safety and mobility of people and goods. These technologies are no longer conceptual, they are gradually becoming a reality that will affect our world in profoundly positive ways, from increased economic development through ever greater efficiencies in transportation. It is no exaggeration to state that our children will think of transport and mobility in fundamentally different and better ways than we currently do; it is therefore contingent upon us, as transportation professionals, to ensure that these life-saving and wealth-production enabling technologies become a reality world-wide in the near future.

The IRF is a leading voice within the global ITS community, serving a key role as a clearing house for worldwide best practices, processes, solutions and case studies at a time when the complexity of solutions has grown exponentially.
The IRF Committee on ITS deals with a number of issues and objectives of interest to all sectors (public, private and academic). Its key aims are to:

  • Promote and serve as a clearinghouse of worldwide best practices, processes, solutions and case studies in partnership with other associations. Whenever possible, promote best-practices that are appropriate for the needs of recipient countries and regions.
  • Promote technology-neutral long range systems engineering to develop ITS solutions and capital planning for ITS investments by government entities (i.e. ITS architecture).
  • Promote the use of open ITS standards which are appropriate for local and regional needs.
  • Develop subcommittees to focus on specific challenges (described below and as they may arise in the future) and make recommendations to the committee.
  • Identify specific ITS-related educational needs that can be addressed by the IRF in seminars or workshops, including procurement and tendering best-practices.
  • Identify and make available suitable industry publication venues where members can publish articles and op-ed pieces


Chair: Dr. Robert Jaffe, Consensus Systems Technologies Corp.