New Insights on Rural Roads

LVRDelegates from 10 countries took part in IRF’s first Executive Workshop on Low-Volume Roads Engineering on April 11-13, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. The seminar focused on three main areas: applying sound engineering concepts, identifying environmental mitigation measures, and using innovative technologies.

The seminar was led by Gordon Keller, Geotechnical Engineer, USDA, Forest Service (Retired) who has conducted over 40 Low-Volume Roads Engineering Best Practices lectures and training courses worldwide over the past 5 years alone. Other highlighted speakers include Simon Ellis, Senior Transport Economist, The World Bank and Alan Kercher, President, Kercher Engineering.

The seminar also featured a field trip to various rural road locations around the Orlando area to examine design and drainage issues. The field trip was organized by Mike Heffinger, Orlando Maintenance Engineer and the Florida Department of Transportation.

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