This 3-day course follows the approved and certified APMG Public-Private Partnerships Certified Professional (CP3P) Foundation level training curriculum.  The course is comprised of 2.5 days of classroom instruction followed by administration of the APMG PPP Foundation level examination.

This PPP workshop will involve a detailed discussion of key success factors such as building capacity within the public and private sector, the necessary policy & legal frameworks, optimal risk sharing practices, and available tools to assess the financial viability of projects. In addition, the program will examine successful examples from both emerging and developed economies and present practices and tools that can be utilized under different country conditions.

This webinar will discuss a more subjective approach to evaluating whether a project will benefit from a PPP approach compared with the traditional public sector procurement, which is encapsulated in the Value for Money Analysis.

This IRF seminar will feature structured interventions from leading international specialists on the benefits, contractual framework and practical implementation scenarios for successful Public Private Partnerships.

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This webinar will introduce an innovative, comprehensive methodology to allow states, provinces and/or cities around the world to effectively and economically utilize state of the art speed and red light cameras to improve the safety of their road network. Moreover, it successfully address constituents concerns regarding the use of these devices as revenue generators and not for road safety improvements. This topic is timely and highly relevant for road and traffic enforcement authorities and road safety advocates around the world.

IRF Webinar Series

This webinar features the method and approaches for creating a Performance-Based Report for Low Volume Roads using the available cost-effective Road Survey technology; The Roadroid Smartphone Survey System. In this Webinar, Experts from Road Maintenance and Traffic Management System share their approaches and 20+ years of experience on how to manage the Low Volume Roads focusing on Gravel and Unsealed Roads.

The primary purpose of using Asphalt Rubber (AR) in Hot Mix Asphalts (HMA) is that it significantly improves engineering properties over conventional paving grade asphalt.

Review of Public-Private Partnerships and the Current Status of PPP Highway Projects in the United States

The new award recognizes game-changing innovations that will help the sector meet its safety, environmental sustainability, and cost efficiency targets. Eligible recipients are selected among the pool of exhibitors present at an IRF event

In recent years, technological breakthroughs have combined to offer police forces more options to capture violations, and the use and impacts of these technologies need to be fully understood to ensure they achieve intended results. The workshop provided key insights to Bulgarian decision-makers involved in selecting and deploying these systems.

IRF and the UAE’s Ministry of Infrastructure Development co-host a global leadership forum aimed at leveraging international experience to achieve consensus on the mechanisms and institutional enablers for effective PPPs in transportation infrastructure.

IRF's next Latin America Regional Congress takes place on December 5-7 in Bogotá, Colombia under the theme "Connectivity for All"

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