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Partner Events Announced at European Road Conference

Two special interest conferences held during the European Road Conference now provide delegates with opportunities to explore the conference themes in greater detail:

  • The US-based Transportation Research Board (TRB) is co-sponsoring a one-day workshop titled “Traffic Signs & Pavement Markings: International State of the Art on Policies & Research” organized on October 22. The workshop will bring together 3 TRB Standing Committees dealing with Visibility, Traffic Control Devices, Signing and Marking Materials, in an effort to foster international consensus on best practices in driver information systems and lay the scientific groundwork for future interactions with connected & autonomous vehicles. Topics addressed will include the role of markings & signs in a changing societal and technological environment, good maintenance practices and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. Additional details may be found online: https://www.irf.global/event/erc18-croatia/#tab-1-4-trb


  • The RADAR Consortium will be holding a Danube Road Safety Conference on October 24. Previous projects show that 60-70 % of inter-urban roads are categorized high or very high risk in the Danube region. The RADAR project addresses this disappointing road safety performance in the Danube region, where fatality rates are higher than the EU average and road infrastructure quality and safety varies from country to country. The Conference is a chance to lay out where we are in safety assessment of road networks, where we want to get to and start to understand how this will happen. Additional information may be found online https://www.irf.global/event/erc18-croatia/#tab-1-5-radar.



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