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Press Release: ITS for Climate Impact Mitigation:
IRF Publishes Guidance Report

January 20, 2022, ALEXANDRIA, VA – In a new report released today, the IRF has identified the smart mobility tools and services with the great potential to reduce the road sector’s carbon footprint.

The transport sector is one of the largest sources of man-made greenhouse gas emissions, driven by the predominant use of fossil fuels. On account of population growth and economic development, global transport activities are expected to double by 2050, and emissions will thus continue to rise absent feasible and effective policy responses to the climate emergency.

In November 2020, the IRF ITS Committee established the “ITS for Climate Impact Mitigation Taskforce” to consolidate knowledge among road transport stakeholders as well as identify appropriate, feasible and effective decarbonization measures. The Taskforce’s work has included a comprehensive review of existing ITS solutions as well as their potential contribution when fully deployed.

In using IRF’s new guidance report, actors may now choose among tools that are most appropriate for their own sphere of activity. These may be deployed individually or combined, but the greatest reduction of emissions can be achieved by using all of them, everywhere.

According to IRF Chairman Eng. Abdullah Al-Mogbel: “More intelligent transport systems are needed to reshape transportation and meet global commitments. The arrival of new digital technologies has opened up new opportunities to make existing transport systems more efficient, user-friendly and sustainable”.

IRF invites interested stakeholders to join forces with the Taskforce and equip the transport & road mobility community with the knowledge resources needed to prepare for the challenges ahead.

A complimentary webinar presenting the key findings contained in the report will take place on January 26, 2022: Sign up here: https://www.irf.global/mywebinar/

The IRF report may be found here: https://www.irf.global/assets/pdf/IRF-ICIM-report.pdf

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