Road Safety & Technology: A Shared Journey

By Trevor Hall, Managing Director of Road Safety Support 


The world in which we work is changing at a rapid pace; we have seen developments in road safety that we could only dream about 5-10 years ago. We should be proud of our road safety heritage and of our achievements to date.

However, and despite these changes, global casualty figures remain high. Two years from now, we will reach the end of the ‘Decade of Action’ and we will celebrate our achievements together. What kind of celebration will that be? How we shape the future is up to us – it’s our hopes, our actions and our determined commitment to achieve. We are already looking to the 2030 targets!

Together we hold the power to reduce the threat to life from road collisions. Many skills that some countries have gained in reducing casualties through enforcement practices, education and engineering are now being actively shared with many others. What is clear is that by unifying and moving together in one direction, we can and will succeed. As we embark on this shared journey, it will provide challenges, we will find solutions and we will celebrate each other’s achievements – and at its heart will be international collaboration!

These ideas are at the very core of a new conference "Road Safety Technology & Enforcement" organized with the international support of TISPOL, ETSC and IRF. One of the main building blocks to road safety is enforcement and enforcement technology. We have some of the most advanced enforcement technologies being showcased at this conference. Alongside this, we have experts from the UK who are going to discuss the world class “Type Approval Process”, which ensures that reliable and rigorous evidence is obtained, and how enforcement strategy is at the core of any road safety policy. We have a full conference agenda packed with topics covering enforcement and road safety strategy, enforcement technologies, the importance of data and autonomous vehicles.

Ours is a time of change. We are shaking old values, uprooting old ways, looking to the past – not for nostalgia but to ensure that we learn from what has worked, what has been tried before – to take old solutions and bring them into this new era. As we look to the future – we need to ask ‘Where are we going? What challenges are on the horizon? How can we work together to ensure we keep our common purpose in focus?’