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Road Zipper Featured at IRF Vision Zero Conference

the Road Zipper System®, provides a smarter, safer and faster way to manage congestion and improve the way people move on the road—today and for the future. This cost-effective, reusable solution uses the Barrier Transfer Machine to lift barriers that can easily reconfigure travel lanes in real time, all while maintaining a secure barrier between lanes.

Since 1984, road authorities and contractors around the world have been taking advantage of the Road Zipper System® to manage congestion without the major investment of building new roads and bridges.

How does The Road Zipper System work?

• Flexible barrier wall: One-meter sections of highly reinforced concrete barriers are pinned together to form a continuous barrier wall.

• The Road Zipper Machine: The “T-top” barriers are lifted (not dragged) and transferred by the Road Zipper Barrier Transfer Machine through a conveyor system.

• New dedicated lanes: The machine transfers the barrier up to 9.1 m (30′) in one pass and gently sets it down without damaging the road. It operates at speeds up to 15 km/h (10 mph).

The Road Zipper System is one of the few solutions on the market that provides superior flexibility to benefit infrastructures today and in the future. Our moveable barrier technology is a proactive and strategic approach that can be used for managed lanes, bridges and tunnels, and construction work zones.

Find out how the Road Zipper meets your agency’s mobility needs at the IRF “Vision Zero for the Balkans” Conference & Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria on June 1-2: www.irf.global/visionzero

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