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Save the Date: Best Practice Workshop on Speed Enforcement

The IRF is convening a one-day best practice workshop on February 18, 2020 addressing excessive speeding & distracted driving as part of an official side event to the 3rd Global Ministerial Road Safety Conference in Stockholm Sweden.


Measures to cut excessing speed and distracted driving are recognized as one of the most effective pathways to achieving immediate and lasting reductions in reductions in Road Traffic Injuries (RTIs). As part of “Global Voluntary Performance Targets for Road Safety” established in 2017, countries committed to “halving the proportion of vehicles travelling over the posted speed limit and achieving a reduction in speed-related injuries and fatalities”.
The management of drivers’ speed involves a wide range of measures from setting and enforcing speed limits to targeted public education and awareness campaigns. The body of empirical evidence across numerous countries shows substantial reductions in deaths and serious injuries when all of these measures are designed to work together. Without a strong, sustained public commitment to robust enforcement of speeds on the network by government, other safety measures are unlikely to be as effective.

This workshop, open to all participants of the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, is designed to strengthen the ability of road safety professionals in fast-motorizing countries to design effective speed & distracted driver enforcement programs. Presentations will be completed with demonstrations of enforcement practices and technologies.


  • Understand the value of speed & distracted driver enforcement as a key pillar of road safety strategies
  • Assess the role of data in driving successful enforcement programs
  • Review the benefits and pre-requisites for Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE)
  • Understand the importance of supporting measures to improve ASE acceptability
  • Review existing technologies and successful case studies


Participants will be able to formulate a value proposition for excessing speed & distracted driving enforcement in their jurisdictions. They will have a firm grasp of existing data processing tools, speed enforcement technologies and the evidentiary value of end-to-end integrity in prosecuting offenders.

Contact Person

Brendan Halleman, Vice President, International Road Federation

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