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Smarter by Design: IRF Delivers Applied Knowledge at Intertraffic Istanbul

Road agencies and local governments across the world are quickening the pace of adoption of safe and smart mobility solutions as an integral part of their transportation strategies. This was one of the key findings of a series of four workshops organized by the International Road Federation in partnership with Intertraffic Istanbul on May 24-25, 2017.

The workshops gathered more than 170 participants from 23 countries in total for presentations covering safer city streets, automated speed enforcement, connected roads, and roadway analytics carefully selected to illustrate current policy orientations and technological applications in the host city of Istanbul and other rapidly motorizing environments.

“The urban environment today is the focus of renewed attention as public agencies align their policies and resources to deploy solutions that save lives and money,” noted Dr. William Sowell, Chair of the IRF Subcommittee on ITS Education. “Fast-motorizing cities, in particular, are moving from concept to reality at a more rapid pace, with important deployments of integrated and resilient systems. The Municipality of Istanbul, whose senior executives joined several of the panels, has made notable strides with world-class solutions currently in operation.”

“In addition to the business-building opportunities available to our visitors, Intertraffic events offer new insights and knowledge and we were pleased to cooperate with the International Road Federation through their program of complimentary workshops.”

These workshops also served to introduce some of the courses taught by the IRF as part of its acclaimed continuing education programs. “The rapid pace and ubiquity of ITS deployments require, more than ever, that policy makers, senior project managers, engineers and other technical professionals involved in the process be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage the full potential of these new applications,” concluded Dr. Sowell.


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