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IRF presents below links to frequently requested road mobility and infrastructure statistics. Although the data has been compiled by reputable institutions, IRF makes no claim as to the veracity of these figures, and may not be held liable for the results of any decisions made on their basis.

   Length of road networks

   2010-2015                        Source: World Factbook

   Road infrastructure investments (new build and maintenance)

   2015                                Source: OECD/ITF

   Total inland transport investment as a % of GDP

   2015                                Source: OECD/ITF

   Availability and quality of road infrastructure (synthetic country ranking)

   2016                                Source: World Economic Forum

   Quality of road infrastructure (country ranking)

   2016                                Source: World Economic Forum

   Quality of transport services (synthetic country ranking)

   2016                                Source: World Economic Forum

   Logistics performance index (synthetic country ranking)

   2016                                Source: World Bank

   Density of roads (km / 100 sq km)

   2015                                Source: OECD/ITF

   Share of motorway in road network

   2015                                Source: OECD/ITF

   Road Freight Transport

   2017                                Source: OECD/ITF

   Road Passenger Transport

   2016                                Source: OECD/ITF

   Passenger Cars / Commercial Vehicles (UNECE Region)

   2014                                Source: source: UNECE

   Road Traffic Injuries

   2015                                Source: source: WHO

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