IRF Committee on Sustainable & Resilient Pavements

Many innovations featured in “5th generation roads” are now within reach, including communication and energy exchange between the infrastructure, the vehicle and the network manager; recyclable materials with the potential for self-diagnosis and repair; pavement surfaces that retain their characteristics irrespective of climatic variations, etc. However, implementing them on an industrial scale still represents a real challenge.
As one of the global thought leaders in this field, IRF is well-positioned to provide a clearing house for the evaluation of the most promising pavement technologies according to safety, sustainability and energy efficiency criteria.

The goals of the Committee are to:

  • Identify worldwide best practices in the design of sustainable, resilient and energy-efficient pavements
  • Support an international network of specialists and practitioners
  • Deliver international capacity-strengthening programs linked on the efficient design and management of road pavements.


Chair: Prof. Kamil Kaloush, Arizona State University, USA

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