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    This 4th IRF Asia-Pacific Regional Congress will address the specific needs of the region by bringing together industry leaders, experts and decision-makers. The region has a rapidly expanding road infrastructure and the resources to invest in the new and improved technology.

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    This event is dedicated to examining the future of road infrastructure, emphasizing Inclusivity, resilience, sustainability, and safety, enhanced by the impact of digital technologies. It provides a valuable platform for technical discussions and the sharing of knowledge, bringing together professionals from various sectors, development agencies, and a broad spectrum of technical experts.

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    This comprehensive course has been meticulously crafted to offer participants an in-depth exploration of the multifaceted world of pavement engineering. Through a holistic approach, it aims to empower individuals with a profound comprehension of pavement design, management, preservation, and the strategic utilization of the Mechanistic-Empirical Design Guide (MEPDG) to foster the creation of resilient, cost-effective, and enduring road infrastructure.

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    The IRF Europe & Central Asia Regional Congress in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, is the premier regional event dedicated to discussing and shaping the future of mobility and road infrastructure. This event will cover a broad spectrum of critical issues in the sector. Experts and leading authorities will offer deep dives into a variety of subjects, such as the integration of artificial intelligence in transportation systems, the advancement of transportation equity, the adoption of cutting-edge safety practices, the implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and the development of green and durable pavement technologies. Additionally, strategic discussions will encompass financial models, focusing on Road User Charging (RUC) and the nuances of transportation financing. This congress is anticipated to be an invaluable hub for networking and rich knowledge exchange with the goal of achieving green, safe, smart, and sustainable roads and mobility systems for the region.

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    The IRF Global R2T Conference, a pinnacle event for global leaders in roads and mobility, offers a vibrant forum for innovators, decision-makers, and industry professionals. Discover cutting-edge advancements and forge pivotal connections in an environment dedicated to shaping the future of transportation.

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    The workshop will present theoretical and practical examples to demonstrate how organizations can adopt more economical proactive maintenance policies. The content will be based on the latest research findings and enriched with the hands-on experiences of the course instructor.

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    The IRF Global R2T Conference has quickly established itself as a top destination for global innovators and decision-makers in the roads and mobility sector. For road and transport authorities the IRF R2T Conference is the ideal place to learn and share best practices about the latest technologies and solutions.

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    This on-line training course is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the basic concepts and recent advances related to pavement design, analysis and construction. Participants will be guided through various interactive course modules to develop skills and knowledge to employ standard guidelines and specifications related to both flexible and rigid pavements.