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    The IRF Transport Connectivity Forum, one of the largest transport events in Montenegro, brought together senior political representatives from the Balkan region together with transport industry partners for a forward-looking dialogue on advancing the region’s ambitious connectivity agenda.

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    IRF organized a two-day symposium in Zagreb, Croatia to take stock of international experience in the design and maintenance of traffic signs and pavement markings, and of global efforts to roll out new guidelines for connected & autonomous driving, through a cross-sector panel of road agencies, research institutions and industry stakeholders.

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    IRF Global will be presenting two panels during the PIARC World Road Congress in Abu Dhabi focusing on energy-efficient pavements (October 7) and connected roads (October 8). Please join us on this occasion to hear from international thought leaders.

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    IRF held a practitioner-driven seminar on "Road System Resilience to Climate Change & Extreme Weather Events" in Goyang, Korea, on November 15-17, 2017.

  • The International Road Federation (IRF) and the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) have agreed to enter into a collaborative partnership to advance the international state of the art in two key road mobility disciplines.

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    Introduction With the signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change at the United Nation's 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), it is now incumbent upon each industry to do the best they can to reduce [...]

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    Pavement Preservation is a term that is used quite often but what does it really mean? This presentation by Jimmy Kendrick from Bergkamp will provide a clear and concise discussion of the Why, What, and How of Pavement Preservation for Asphalt Pavements.

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    Teniendo presente la evolución tecnológica de los pavimentos observada en los últimos años en Colombia, La International Road Federation, ha decidido unificar sus esfuerzos y recursos para reunir a las partes interesadas y expertos en el “Congreso Internacional – Pavimentos de Hormigón y Asfaltos, Colombia 2016”, el cual está dirigido a la difusión de las mejores prácticas a nivel mundial en el ámbito vial. Para el logro de los objetivos trazados en este evento, el Congreso Internacional de Pavimentos de Hormigón y Asfalto contará con especialistas del sector público, privado y académico, quienes abordarán temas relacionados con el estado del arte, las innovaciones y tecnologías en relación al diseño, construcción, explotación y conservación de los pavimentos.