Organized by key representative organizations of the roads & mobility sector, the European Road Congress “Corridors for Shared Prosperity” offers an essential platform to deepen the understanding of these challenges, widen the engagement framework with regional road stakeholders, and achieve consensus on key policy, investment and planning measures.

“Road Safety & Innovation - Leveraging new technologies and good practices from Europe and beyond” is an international forum for road safety & technology stakeholders held under the patronage the Ministry of Regional Development & Public Works (MRRB), the Road Infrastructure Agency (API) and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Smart phones are becoming useful in more and demanding applications. More accurate sensors, geo-positioning, powerful computing and cloud services is creating value in the road maintenance sector. The topic of this webinar is how smartphones can be used to monitor road roughness even on a highly variable unsealed network.

What if you could carry out on-demand traffic analysis to identify bottlenecks on your road network and visualize the results of roadway improvement projects?
Join the IRF’s upcoming webinar to learn how forward-looking organizations are being equipped with the insight, tools and visualizations to effectively plan, monitor, assess and communicate the performance of road networks.

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