• Published On: August 26, 2016Categories: Articles, NewsTags: ,

    IRF organized a 3-day workshop on Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Victoria Falls for road stakeholders in Zimbabwe to get abreast with present day dynamics in infrastructure financing.

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    Confirming its status as the industry’s most trusted brand in continuing education, IRF held simultaneous training events in Doha (Qatar), Abuja (Nigeria) and Bali (Indonesia) on major industry topics, with each course carefully elaborated to meet the needs of local and regional road professionals.

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    New unsafe roads are being designed and built because national standards are out of date and or road authorities and design engineering cons lasting firms are unaware of today’s safety best practices and new state of the art technologies. In response, the IRF has created a complete and comprehensive world class safety training program — Safer Roads by Design™ — built to leave a lasting impression on attendees. Its intent is to introduce concepts that can be used to prevent accidents, as well as concepts that will help reduce the severity of accidents.

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    Attendees of this workshop will learn about practical policies and solutions that be applies successfully to improve road safety. A special focus will be given to speed enforcement, traffic management, and police leadership. Attendees will also learn about Road Safety Audits and how they can be applied to help prevent hazards and reduce accidents.