The content will be based on US and international standards as well as the hands-on experience of the course instructors. The workshop is addressed at highway agency executives, risk managers, occupational safety & health professionals, and private sector contractors. The main topics of the workshop include funding, contracts, and authority for work zones; roadway work zone elements and components; training for workers and supervisors; planning and implementation of work zones; maintenance and demobilization of work zones; preventing struck-by and runover/backover incidents; and safety for workers and the public.

3M is on the road to the IRF Global R2T Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas! The 3M Transportation Safety Roadshow delivers an interactive experience about how 3M helps bring families home safely.

A program launched in 2017 by the International Road Federation to certify road safety audit team leaders on the basis of experience gained in the field is generating new opportunities for safety professionals worldwide.

Portugal has launched one of its most ambitious road safety campaigns to date, mobilizing the energy of public and private stakeholders to keep work zones safe.

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