Philip Wijers (Sensys Gatso Group, Joined 2014)
“IRF meetings have been incredibly useful […] as a bridging organization, the IRF is able to play a crucial role in getting all parties to work together."  
Andrew PattersonAndrew Patterson (Bechtel Corp)
"The IRF is a great example of bringing together governments, organizations and private sector […and is] a perfect avenue to bring everyone together."
Martijn van Gils (Vigiles)
"By joining the IRF in 2014 we wanted to share our knowledge and understanding with the global community and learn from other members. IRF members and students are really committed to sharing knowledge, ideas and best practices.”
Lars Forlof (Roadroid)
“IRF events are where you meet your clients. You meet the people knowing your values who can attend a good mixture of presentations.”
Maria del Mar Martin Rojo (Deputy Mayor: Malaga, Spain)
"It was a privilege to have the opportunity to host an IRF Global event and I applaud you all for the various research and development initiatives around the world focusing on road safety."