VRU, WZ & RSA Workshop

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New unsafe roads are being designed and built because national standards are out of date and/or road authorities and design engineering consulting firms are unaware of today’s safety best practices and new state of the art technologies. In response, the IRF has created a complete and comprehensive world class safety workshop — Safer Roads by Design™ — built to leave a lasting impression on attendees. Its intent is to introduce concepts that can be used to prevent crashes, as well as concepts that will help reduce the severity of crashes.

$750 – $1200

PPPs in the Road Sector

Bali Bali

This PPP workshop will involve a detailed discussion of key success factors such as building capacity within the public and private sector, the necessary policy & legal frameworks, optimal risk sharing practices, and available tools to assess the financial viability of projects. In addition, the program will examine successful examples from both emerging and developed economies and present practices and tools that can be utilized under different country conditions.

$1000 – $1200